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  1. Thing is, a two and a half hour gig for Muse would have at least 15-20 minutes of filler. So really you're probs only looking at around two hours and ten minutes of actual song-time, which is only a little over what the Unsustainable Tour was. Taking into account that, plus the amount of pop/soft stuff they'd inevitably play, I don't think it'd be that draining but that's just me.


    Personally, I'd be 100% down for it. Kinda surprised that Dom feels he's already hitting his limit tbh.


    Totally agree there would be a fair amount of downtime.

  2. What Chris said in no way indicates that setlist writing is, or isn't, a group effort. In the slightest.

    Just says that it's really hard to make the decisions having so many albums. Doesn't go into detail on how the decisions are made, at all.


    I'm super baffled as to why this is so personal for some people.


    Are people really that riled up because they want it to be a full band decision for some reason, or want someone to blame for a bad setlist, etc?


    I was just interested whether OP had anything that suggested Chris/Dom had more say in deciding the setlist than we thought.

  3. The kid got way too bent out of shape, saying people called him a "liar," for saying Chris had a hand in writing setlists... when his own account of what Chris said was completely non-specific on the topic, and he was himself reading into it...


    Yeah I'm just leaving it now their argument doesn't make any sense. Unfortunately OP got upset.

  4. Nowt really interesting in that tbf, just "we've got lots of songs now so it gets harder to choose what to play". Then the old debate of "Matt doesn't choose the sets, they decide as a group" in the comments, even though it's been proven countless times that he does.


    Yeah someone there tried to tell me what Chris said means Matt doesn't decide the set-lists.

  5. How much were the CTS push/pull pots?


    I've never seen Mansons use those, even in the more expensive guitars.




    Yeah, I think there was a specific seller on amazon that had them for well under the usual price, but they sold out fast.


    Just picked up a one month old cort on eBay for £270 posted, talked the guy down from £320. Think I got a good deal there and hopefully should hold it's value at that price.


    Also noticed Mansons have dropped the price to £449 with a free gig bag.

  6. Don't think so. The red one costs £70 more though.


    A quick Google and it looks like you can get them for £399. I think Amazon is £420 but they have been £360 or so before. Amazon seem to price match their third party seller prices on this guitar.

  7. How come?


    I'm looking at the exclusive releases on the UK site and it's listed on there.


    My bad, when I changed the search to UK on the main website it says there were no stores involved. Didn't realise there was a UK site. Should make it a lot easier for me to pick up one second hand.

  8. Yeah, but your phase 90 circuit will probably sound better than what the delorean has. How do you tell when these new ones were made? Aside from the ebay seller attempting to remember the decade he purchased it in


    Unrelated, but I quite like the whirlwind phaser. I think that's been on my pedalboard longer than any other pedal (which doesn't say much, but still)




    How are you powering it? It probably has nothing to do with this, but I guess anything is worth a try.


    Just a battery. I guess I could try something else if it keeps acting up.

  9. Yeah it's broken.


    The most likely culprit would be stress to the PCB from repeated stomping and plugging then unplugging jacks. Since the switch, pot and jacks are all board mounted, they all stress the pcb where they're soldered in. My guess is that one or more solder point has fractured, and/or one of the solder tracks is cracked causing an intermittent connection. It could be a failed switch, but mechanical damage is more likely.


    Open it up and look for damage, maybe reflow the solder tracks.


    Or sell it to me for my project. :ninja:


    No electrician but the circuit looked visually fine to me when I opened it up earlier today. The internal nut on the footswitch seemed a bit loose so I tightened it.


    When I turned it on afterwards it turned on and initially the volume was low. Then I used it on and off for a while it it was fine so I'm not sure.

  10. Does anybody know anything about collecting tickets at the venue when you didn't use your own credit card to pay for the ticket (I used my father's card since mine didn't work)? I'm terrified to think that they may not let me in after I travel all the way to London to go to that gig.


    Call them up.

  11. Really? :LOL: I imagine I'll either be binning mine or giving it away if I manage to get one.


    Tried looking up what shops are taking part on the website but it's not working for me, not sure if anyone else is having that problem? I've never paid much attention to Record Store Day before so I'm not totally sure how it works :$ Does every shop get the same exclusives or do you have to rely on luck to find one that has what you want?


    By the looks of things it's probably going to be an American release.

  12. The seventy 80 is a very bright, efficient ceramic. I suspect it would sound very harsh with a class-A EL84Se. I'd say that the blues would be a good choice not sure of the green , or a G12H for a darker sound. Bear in mind that the AC4 sounds nothing at all like an AC30, speaker swaps won't get you closer really.


    Yeah it sounds alright from my novice ear but a bit bright if that's the right term, can become a treble-fest.


    Just looking for something a bit better, I know the HW AC4 has a greenback. Lots of forums says alnico blue or greenback so I thought the greenback. Not too worried about the clean tone as long is it still sounds Voxy, more interested in how it will sound with fuzz/distortion.


    What are the implications of coming from the 80w Celestion to the 25W greenback? It distorts more right?

  13. I have a Vox AC4C1-12.


    Anybody have an opinion for an upgraded speaker that is favourable with the Vox tone / effects that Matt uses (ie fuzz factory, fuzz head, tc dark matter)?


    Everyone says Celestion Blue and indeed that's what the high end Vox's use. But I was thinking I might find a greenback >£50.


    For reference the stock speaker is Vox VX12 aka Celestion Seventy 80.

  14. Apologies if this seems like a stupid question:)

    If I buy a ticket for the show now (or in the next week), will I receive it in time for the gig? I'm still iffing about it with my friend, but I know not to linger too long!

    Thanks in advance:D


    If you buy it from an official seller (not resale) then I'm sure you will.


    If you buy it resale then it depends how they send it...

  15. Did someone try the TC Electronic Dark Matter ? I was interested since it's very cheap and I saw it in the MUSEum recently. Is it any good ?


    I'm now tired of my EHX Soul Food, and I find the Boss BD2 not natural sounding when the gain is at 10 o'clock.


    I already have the Mooer Black Secret as a distortion, but I don't know if it's similar to the Dark Matter.


    Check this video


    Near the end the dark matter sounds pretty good to me so I'm gonna get one to try it out as they're so cheap!


    As a replacement for overdrive mojomojo (also in video) is more suitable as the dark matter is a distortion.


    Also found today Electro Harmonix OD Glove which may be similar, might get both and compare.

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