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  1. So you're telling me you don't need a separate strap for each guitar?




    You mean the brown and tan color ones? Those haven't been around for a while, though I'm pretty sure I saw one of those in the shop last year. I remember because it was one that wasn't listed on the website.


    Guessing it's more likely that they've actually run out of them, at least for now.


    Nah like I think there used to be a red deluxe one for example and possibly others.


    I think there is also really limited stock of the standard straps but haven't checked lately.

  2. Didn't realize they had an eBay page :$ I'd imagine it's updated once the stock level runs out though, unless they really are discontinued


    Yeah here http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/mansonguitarworks/m.html?item=172227630915&hash=item2819911743%3Ag%3A1YkAAOSwNSxU-FYh&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 .


    They sold an Ibanez Iceman with a fuzz factory built in once but I don't think you've missed out on anything special.


    The fact the deluxe straps aren't on the shop website, the eBay listings show low stock, they don't have all the colours anymore and that they're now selling more expensive straps give me the feeling they've stopped doing them.


    Who knows though I just glad I got one in time if that's the case.

  3. Good to know.

    I'd always heard if the sustainer battery dies, you lose the guitar until it's replaced. Show's what the people at shitty guitar shops know. :chuckle:

    Never owned a guitar with one to experience it.


    Matt used the pie as hair gel, so it would have been an odd rest of the gig.


    At one of my gigs, he was having a major hair malfunction (the spiked up sides were collapsing down and looking like a pair of wings,) and he was using the downtime to go under and fix his hair. Looked pristine again after IS. :chuckle:


    I think the old Fernandes Sustainer kills the guitar but not the Sustainiac.

  4. You should try a Heistercamp strap - these are what I'd consider big.




    You mean the part where you adjust the length? They tend to do that when they're really broken in, but I haven't had a deluxe with that issue yet.


    Yeah it didn't handle my weaving very well. The deluxe one weaved while staying flat straight off the back and looks nicer so glad I upgraded before they sell out.


    Still trying to figure out the best length for me though xD.

  5. Thanks, need to read through all of it, but it's already left me with several questions about his amps and pedals..


    Yeah who really knows what is used for what haha there's just so much gear.


    yeah, though I don't think the standard is flimsy. I used the same one for about three years and it wasn't falling apart or anything, but it was certainly getting worn down.


    Not bad though - probably had a longer life than most. I had it up until about a year ago when it got thrown away with a bunch of other stuff... wish I'd kept it as that was my first ever purchase from them


    This ^


    I have both and the standard is more of an aggravation to get the height right, unlike the deluxe where I can just loop it through the very first nudge and it's set perfectly. The standard I have to go one extra nudge to get the perfect height, and that causes unsightly warping in the strap itself. Plus the deluxe is better looking aesthetically, more Matt too ;)


    Still don't know how Matt has it from the 4th nudge down with only one loop and still get his preferred length though, because I tried that and it's way too low. Did Mansons have shorter strap thingies back then?


    Yeah this is what I meant the strap used to warp a lot which was a pain.

  6. Why wouldn't it be able to? You might not get the exact sound he has, but you can still get relatively close.


    For what it's worth, the studio version doesn't actually have phaser.




    Yeah definitely. The X-Y pad is far more useful to me, but the FF does have some uses with random oscillation noises.


    also this







    Not sure which article that is, but I think he still uses it live as well - there have been pictures of his rack setup, and he's still got a vexter FF in one of the drawers...along with that JHS colour box that he was using in the studio, but I'm not sure how he uses it live exactly.


    This article here says it was used a lot alongside a few other pedals including the JHS.



  7. Question about having the FF built into a guitar: For PiB, since the Phase 90 goes *before* the Fuzz, does it mean that you'd need both phaser and fuzz for a PiB guitar? If there's only a Fuzz and no phaser, it can do most things but not PiB though, is that right?


    It's probably not worth it since I read that nobody's really sure if the FF is used much anymore apart from squealing. On the contrary there was that article which mentioned the FF was used a lot when recording Drones.


    For practicality I think the main reason to have the FF in your guitar other than it being after phase is for squealing, although you could always just get the fuzz probe which is almost the same.


    I'm sure external FF -> Phase -> Reverb will do a decent job of Plug in Baby even if it's not exactly the same.

  8. High production costs (high ticket prices) were balanced out for me by the quality of the production and the fantastic view I had even from the top tier of the O2 in London.


    Doesn't fully make up for the lesser atmosphere of being up there and the sub-optimal setlists but for me it wasn't all doom and gloom.

  9. Jesus that looks way too high, I have all of mine the lowest that they can go with a little bit of slack on the low E, but not THAT much slack.


    Thanks! Some of the pictures on the gotoh website made me think I was supposed to line the strings up perfectly.


    Looked on the Mansons gallery and it was obvious that the string posts were much lower like you said so. I've altered them about as low as they can go.

  10. Doing it like heyjackk said works for me. Kind of have your wrist pointing away from the guitar and bend your hand back toward it and pick with your wrist, if that makes sense. Can sort of see it in this
    Don't need to fan your fingers out really, unless you find it easier.


    For muting I cover most of the strings with my first finger to mute the ones I don't want (almost like barring them). If it's an octave or whatever on any string higher than the low E I use my middle finger to mute the lower strings.


    Yeah I already picked up on the muting with the middle finger.


    So you're saying have my wrist less parallel with the strings and more perpendicular towards the sky/away from me? I just found a couple of videos on YouTube which said to hold the pick looser and strum lighter/dig in less and combining all these things I think I made some progress. <Also James covered this before I finished my reply>.


    I think my pick attack in general is quite hard anyway as I have to have 2 mm action at the last fret on the low E to stop fret buzz. On the high E it's nearer 1.6 mm. The relief is about 0.3 mm at the ninth fret when fretting first and last frets. My set up is the "low" settings mentioned here: http://www.ibanezrules.com/tech/setup/action.htm . Honestly I'd prefer the "standard low" which is 1.6 mm for the E string but I get some buzz especially when bending ie the SMBH bend.


    I don't think there's anything wrong with the guitar or the setup I think it's genuinely my fault. Maybe I should try to really soften up my attack and dig in less or maybe I'm making the buzz a bigger thing it really is. I think this is a bad habit from watching Matt too much since to me it looks like he really attacks his guitar but then again he must be doing something right to be able to tremolo strum or whatever like a maniac.


    Another thing I noticed is that I'm struggling/straining to reach high up the fret board for example when playing stuff like...


    G 3 3 3

    D X X X

    A 1 1 1


    ... I can think of several reasons for this but not sure which one(s) is(are) the problem.


    1) I snapped my left wrist 10 years ago. Although I'm pretty sure it healed perfectly.

    2) I have pretty small hands / fingers. But then again like the wrist thing I should be work to work around this.

    3) My strap is set too low. I had it up quite high but it put more strain on my shoulder. So I lowered it to about what I think is average with the bridge directly over my crotch.

    4) I'm playing with the neck too horizontal. Perhaps I should even lengthen the strap a bit more?

    5) I'm straining my wrist to keep my fingers perpendicular which is causing me to strain my forearm to make it more perpendicular to the neck.


    With reference to 5 I could try bringing my elbow in towards me bringing my forearm more parallel with the neck. However this collapses my hand a bit against the fretboard so I'm fretting more with the side of my finger especially on the A string, is this bad?

  11. Ohh so you mean just octaves, but not like...




    Not that it makes a difference with the right hand. He's still strumming the same way as on the stockholm syndrome verses or psycho solo, but muting strings at certain points with his left hand.


    That's what I have trouble with. You have to mute some strings the entire time, and others need to be muted only sometimes (if that makes sense)


    But with the SS verses or psycho solo, you don't have to do anything fancy with your left hand. Only slide up or down.


    Only advice I can give is to do it slowly at first until you can cleanly play at a louder higher speed consistently.


    as for the whole strumming hand being in a fist, it might be. Seems like that might put more tension on your wrist. I was a bit like that at first, but found it a bit easier to just let the three other fingers hang freely or whatever


    I find that I have to make a conscious effort to try and make my other 3 fingers fan out and if I don't they begin to curl/retract.


    When I pick I tend to keep the pick at a neutral angle I think but when I strum, which I can only really down downward at the moment, I tend to angle the pick upwards to decrease the resistance. Then this really messes me up when I need to try and strum back up since the pick is at the wrong angle. I think I often loosen my grip on the pick when strumming so my fingers end up nearer the top of the pick.


    Should I be trying to encourage myself to strum at a neutral angle as well as a matter of habit?

  12. Like octaves? i.e.




    A-7 ?


    It's kinda hard to explain but the way that I find easiest is like how Matt B does it where you use your wrist a lot. He kinda holds his pick between his thumb, index finger and middle finger and then picks from his wrist. You can kinda see him doing it whenever he does the slide in Knights of Cydonia and the Psycho octave run. Can kinda see what I mean here https://youtu.be/PG0QLxGclAM?t=4m29s


    Yeah anything like Psycho or Stockholm Syndrome etc. Comes up a lot.


    I think the main thing is that I have trouble doing the strumming alternately but I'm fine at alternate picking on one string. My muting is a bit inconsistent too so sometimes the pick gets caught up or the notes aren't clear.


    I tend to keep my strumming hand in more of a fist than Matt and a lot of others who are more able to fan their fingers out. Is this part of the problem possibly?

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