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  4. thank you so much for everything! literally nothing makes me happier than listening to muse and I know that none of it would have been possible without you. so yeah, I just wanted to say thank you to you, Tom, and just if you could just yeah keep doing what you're doing. thank you so so much. it is so important to me. thank you.

  5. ticket code doesn't work!

  6. Hey Tom! Check out this video of some young cellists covering Starlight! I get a kick out of it every time I watch it.




  7. happy birthday Tom (troll) Kirk ;) cheers and xxx de Paris, à bientôt!

  8. My band decided to cover a son from muse (after a few years but whatever) we dont know if its okay. Can you ask matt what he thinks?

  9. Hello tom, i have been planning on making my own album for some time now and i currently have 11 songs of my own to be used for it but for the 12th song i was hoping to do a cover of the Muse song "Unintended" from their first album "Showbiz".


    I was just wondering if you could please ask Matt if it would be okay for me to cover it and then to put it in my album (which is just for fun), it would really mean a lot to me.




    - Paul

  10. hi Tom,

    we started a twitition with fans to have Dead Star at Stade de France this year, can you think about it please?

    it just would be a real dream for many fans!


    this is the link: http://twitition.com/pztvy

  11. Hi Tom,


    thanks for keeping this board so alive!

  12. Hi Tom :) i know there's a huge chnace that you won't read or see this but i'd really appreciate it if you just took 2 seconds to look at some of my graphics work.I twould mean alot to me plus i would really love it if i could get your permission as well as the band's to maybe start selling my artwork for the 2nd Law






    many thanks


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