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  2. :D Hi, It was my 17th birthday on September 7th too! Happy Birthday!
  3. :dance::awesome:. When's the last game?
  4. :( Aww, no! That's unfair about the tempo, I don't think there should be an "appropriate" and "inappropriate" way of playing, especially if your tutor told you to play that way... that's too bad :(.
  5. :kiss: I really appreciate it! I'm really happy! I only wish I could do something in return :$, but you've already got a boat! Well it'll never sink as long as I'm around :D
  6. :LOL: That's so funny though! Thanks.
  7. :yesey: Le rock est super! Mon genre favouri est le rock aussi - j'aime specifiquement le rock et metal progressif, le heavy metal, le rock alternatif, et le rock independent.
  8. is another one where he mentions it... but the interview is more funny than anything! :chuckle:

    Oh WOW, that must have taken a long time! Those are such interesting scores, different than what I would put though. :p

    I should do it as well, but I'm in computer drafting class right now :facepalm::chuckle:, so... maybe later. (I don't have any work to do in this class by the way)

    How did your musical's final night go?


    :awesome:. And of course Dean had to complain about being in Canada with all the people talking about hockey :rolleyes:

    Exactly! He is :awesome:. I really hope it is. Yep I'm caught up by now! It's great having both of them back! Cas of course, and I'm glad Meg is back too; she's more of the demon-that's-an-ally that blond Ruby was, which I like. I just hope that for once, she's a demon that doesn't turn on them in the end, and that her watching over Cas is for the reason's she's said and not for some ulterior motive. The guys really should have, because if they'd found him he wouldn't have gotten married :noey:. How long did it take for him to get married? What, a month or something? Cas shouldn't be married!



    Oh! I see! I hope it went well!

    I had my second last final today, and it went really well! Just physics to get through now.


    :(. I can't imagine what it'll be like when my dog dies.


    Agreed with everything you're saying. I have no idea if Bobby will snap out of it or continue his vengeful spirit business; maybe he'll be alright once Dick is dead? But by then would it be too late...

    I'm guessing they'll kill someone off this next episode (last episode, AHH!) - I think it'll be Meg.




    That part was awesome! :LOL:. And when the Hulk randomly punched Thor after a fight :chuckle:. Hopefully Hawkeye'll have more of a role next movie and we can learn more about him and the Black Widow. I wished Coulson was still alive too! He never got those Captain America cards signed :(. There's always a bigger bad guy :awesome:. The restaurant scene was SO AWKWARD :LOL:




    So... I didn't really like it. No one I saw it with liked it either. Maybe I just didn't "get" it...

    The storyline was good and original, and I did like that. I had no problem with the stereotypical horror elements (eg. blonde first to die) since I think that was kinda the point, but there were just little things that stayed in the back of my mind that really affected how I liked the movie. Probably just being too scientific and literal about it all :facepalm: but, like how Dana got out of the car underwater; the pressure would've been to much to be able to open the hatch. Or how on the dock when that zombie was getting her, it took SO much more time to kill her than the the time the other zombies took to kill their victims, and she seemed to be okay walking and everything after getting attacked by it. Or how a werewolf wasn't even able to finish her off. Stuff like that...



    So many spoilers :chuckle:


    Definitely. You're right, there aren't!


    It would be, and one that would make sense. True :chuckle:. I'd take him over Dick any day. More rock, and more of the Impala! We only got a minute of it in the finale and Dean wasn't even driving! Maybe...


    I really like what Jeremy Carver did with Being Human, so hopefully he can bring more of that to Supernatural. Fingers crossed! They've got a lots of potential for a great storyline, hopefully it won't be put to waste!



    Haha :p. I'm only a big fan of a few people. I've just noticed that he's been in a lot of the action movies I've seen recently that I've loved, so I can see that he's a good actor who can do action movies :p


    Firstly, BOBBY! :(. Unless Dean runs into him in Purgatory somehow, I doubt we'll see him again anytime soon, if ever! :'(


    Anyways, season finale... definitely not the best season finale of them all, probably the weakest... it just didn't feel that exciting or tense compared to others. Dick went down way too easily and quickly.


    That being said, I'm looking forward to next season of course :rolleyes::awesome:. I love the whole Purgatory situation, and it feels more like a "Supernatural" kind of plot line than the Leviathans did, if that makes any sense at all! And Sam in the meantime has lots to deal with in terms of Crowley, so we've got two good stories going at the same time.

    I wonder where Cas has gone (did he leave to look for help or something, or was he whisked away against his wishes?). Also he seemed more like his old self near the end. Glad it looks like there'll be more of him next season :awesome:




    To deal with Supernatural withdrawal I think I'm going to rewatch the whole series :facepalm:. Not nearly as quickly/out of control as last time though.



    Yes :chuckle:. Wasn't Hawkeye briefly in the Thor movie? Hmm, that's an interesting theory. I thought he was crying a bit when he died, if he did.




    I probably did :rolleyes:. Yeah that part was good. That Big Red Button :D. Maybe it will :p. One thing that kinda ruined my enjoyment of it was the fact that there were exactly 4 people other than 2 friends that were in the theatre with me, and it's always awkward to watch a movie like that! I mean, I would've liked it more if I had seen it earlier in its release with tons of people!



    For shame! :p Add it to your movie list!


    Pretty much anything involving Saw was really corny in the move, but yeah the tentacle scene was particularly bad.



    Heh, I remember when you used Slaking in one of our battles and I just had no answer for it!


    Yeah, that's one deterrent. For me it's the graphic scenes. Not the violent ones, I mean the other kind. It's too much for me!



    I can see that. Hah! Who knows, we'll see how we turn out :chuckle:


    That's fair. Most of it was pretty predictable. I can see how you found it bland, they could definitely have made it way scarier for one thing. Yeah I know of Hideo Kojima, though I don't think I've played the series he's known for (not even Metal Gear)


    That's true, I wasn't considering he was pretty young and it's easy to not know better.


    I did like when we see Yorkie in real life; I wasn't expecting them to have given her that backstory and it definitely made her an interesting character. Yeah I thought what Kelly was saying to Yorkie at the end when she got mad was all stuff that Yorkie deserved to hear. Yorkie was being really selfish (understandably, but selfish nonetheless).


    I really can't understand how I just didn't notice :chuckle:. Anyways, reviews:


    Men Against Fire: this was probably the weakest of the season for me. I really liked the idea of it but I felt like it went by really quickly without as much substance as I would have hoped for. I think I was just wishing for a bit more backstory about the Roaches and more discussion about the world the episode was based in because I found some of it hard to follow and hard to care about.


    Hated in the Nation: I really liked this one. It was long but I think everything deserved a place in the episode, and the twist that the real victims were everyone using the hashtag was incredible. I could kind of see it coming when we learn how the hacker's wife tried to commit suicide from the online harassment. I knew in Black Mirror fashion they would probably kill all the hashtag people off despite their efforts but it was still so well done and intense. The only thing I didn't like about it was the ending. I think I would have liked it more if the episode had ended before we see Blue tracking the hacker down and it's left that he gets away with it all. I think since they showed Blue tracking the hacker down but not much more I felt kind of unsatisfied. But the rest of the episode was great.


    My order would be:


    Hated in the Nation


    Shut Up and Dance

    San Junipero


    Men Against Fire




    Yeah I'm getting to the end of season 2 and it's been great. Some of it has a very Fallout-esque vibe which is neat.


    I guess it may also seem like they're just recycling old material if they bring them back. So probably not, you're right. Yes, agreed! It was a very interesting episode too. Yeah the Famine episode was great, and that was nasty! Also that those first lovers ate each other up...

    Reminds me, I really felt for Dean when he wasn't affected by Famine. I mean, Famine said something about how he was all empty inside and that's why he wasn't affected. I almost thought though that he was being affected, but it was actually emptiness/not being able to feel anything that Dean was craving.


    We'll never know. Such a thought...



    Yeah it is a shame! Some of them for sure deserve nominations!


    :p I know, I know. The exam's on galaxies and the evolution of the Universe. Going by the midterm exams though this'll probably be my easiest final exam of all of them, to be honest. Do you have exams right now?


    I liked the episode, definitely a lot more has to be done in future episodes. I'm not sure if I want Cas to stay this way. I mean, he's quirky and funny and all but he's not that willing to help the Winchesters anymore and they really need him. I'm glad Sam told him that they'll try everything to get him better... that is, if he wants that in the end... to get "better"...

    I loved the playing Sorry part. Hope that Dean forgives Cas eventually :(


    So glad that season 8 has been confirmed! :awesome::dance:



    They are... very bad :noey:. In same ways and different ways than American pop bands. Have you ever heard any of it?



    Enjoy it! I bet it'll be amazing :awesome:


    I really liked the bunker scenes too. Yeah Nora seemed pretty scripted and unrealistic overall.


    I'm really torn on episode 9. Especially since it's the midseason finale I'm excited for it and going by the promo it looks awesome, but it's also written by the least favourite writers by far... :rolleyes:


    :LOL: Yeah I'll be buying more games for sure - thinking about something like Zelda? - but I better not yet, until my finals are over. Yeah I really only know the first 2, at most 3 generations. Those pokemon were pretty prominent in this game though, which was good. To play through the game I had Charizard, Lucario, Greninja, Florges, Magnezone, and Garchomp. I picked the water starter too! I usually pick water, sometimes fire. Right now during my study breaks I'm training new pokemon for a more competitive team. Thinking of having Gengar and Scizor. What pokemon games did you play?



    Thanks! Yeah, our thanksgiving is about mid-October.


    I thought it could've been done better, yes. He should've gone out having just done some huge act, like saving one the brothers' lives and going out with a bang and not having just degraded himself to almost-vengeful spirit.

    It's the idea of Bobby being gone now, really gone... :(


    Yes! I can really see them doing that. They're going to want REVENGE, and lots of it. I wouldn't be surprised if the writing staff bring Bobby back to the show. I'm sure he'd be able to help Dean. You really liked Gordon :chuckle:. Well, I hope he comes back too :D

    I hope they bring back the classic rock! I've always thought of that music to be so part of Supernatural's vibe; it was so prevalent in the earlier seasons thanks to Kripke. At least for me I think actually it's one of the reasons the show's been feeling flat... not enough of it...


    I'm kinda glad that Sera Gamble isn't going to be with Supernatural anymore :$



    I will :chuckle:


    After seeing quite a few of the action movies that Jeremey Renner has been in I'm more looking forward to the Bourne Legacy than before. It'll still be weird without Matt Damon but I think if anyone can take over, Renner can.



    Good point, that button was VERY convenient. Ahh really... so maybe that wasn't a big reason why I didn't like it



    I'm definitely seeing the sequel! Going to try and make sure I see it while it's still in theatres too! Looking back on the movie it's all the more impressive they actually made an action flick feel fresh and original. It's pretty rare with action movies especially and I'm sure they carried on the same kind of feel in to the second. I'm really looking forward to seeing Chapter 2 :cool:


    Actually saw Arrival tonight (pretty good) and before the trailers they had a mini interview with Keanu Reeves about the movie which makes me even more excited to see it!


    I must confess, I already looked up whether the dog survives or not in the second one. I couldn't help myself :chuckle:. Very happy with the result. :awesome:



    :chuckle: That's pretty great! I find it hard to name since at first Litten is a cute cat and by the last evolution it's a beast! So Brock Lesnar is pretty good for the end game :p


    Don't sweat it, I didn't either. Only reason I knew is that I wondered if the same character was in the comics and if it was as obvious in the comics as in the show, so I looked it up! Really the only DC series I'm somewhat familiar with outside of shows and movies would be Batman. For The Flash I've really only read Flashpoint and seen him as an occasional side character, and everything else I know is from the show and what friends tell me.


    Oh definitely, there was so much fan service... so much... and I totally agree about everything you said.


    Krennic was definitely, totally, 100% bad. He was an over-the-top cartoon villain done extremely poorly and never seemed to hold much power for the main antagonist.


    I forgot about how Jyn and the rebellion as you mentioned. Another thing that bugged me a lot was how they sent her on her whole mission to find out what the message was from her dad, and they emphasized how important it was to get the message, but when they finally do have the message they just argue about whether or not they should trust it... like what was the whole point if they were never going to trust the message?


    K-2SO was entertaining, but at the same time, they so obviously wrote him to be the comic relief (so you go "aww look the robot said something funny and doesn't realize it! hilarious" every time he speaks) that it felt forced, and you just knew they would try to milk his last scenes as much as possible. Make him sacrifice himself to save Jyn who he's not gotten along with for the whole movie, etc. etc. So even that rubbed me the wrong way haha. I did kinda like the blind monk and his friend, but they could have done way more with their characters (like explain why they stick together/banded together in the first place) and again they were so stuck in their flat roles it was hard to feel that much for them. And maybe I'm biased because he's Ip Man :p.


    I can see your point about the crawl; it doesn't bother me as much now. It's not one of the official episodic trilogies so I guess that's understandable.


    Fine... it was a good pun :p:chuckle:


    Anyways, I'm glad to see you had a lot of issues with the film... some people I've talked to also though it was pretty problematic but a lot have said they absolutely loved it and that it was everything a Star Wars prequel should have been... did I see the same movie?? A lot of critics and fans have gushed all over it!



    Darn, is it the new abilities from the Moon/Sun era? I can imagine there are some really broken combos especially with the game being so relatively new that it hasn't been quite figured out yet.


    Nice! I haven't heard of it but I have a bit of time before my regular shows come back. Meanwhile I finally started catching up on Black Mirror.



    Nosedive: I felt this one was a bit "on the nose" :p. From the first minute of watching I pretty much knew how the episode would progress and end; it was really predictable. Nevertheless, as you'd expect from Black Mirror episodes, it's a really interesting world to think about. I wonder if I'd try and get a "high score" or stay true to myself. I'd like to think I'd do the latter but I'm also a perfectionist and I hate getting bad marks :shifty:


    Playtest: I actually really enjoyed this one. It felt the most "real" to me of all the episodes since that kind of game actually seems not far off. I agree he was a bit annoying (and it was really not the best idea for him to accept the medical procedure without knowing more about it...) but he seemed like a good guy so it was too bad he died at the end. I think they could have made it a scarier episode but the last few minutes were really intense and well done. It was easy to predict he would run into serious trouble with the game but I wasn't expecting the call from his mom to kill him in the end.


    Shut up and Dance: This one good but not my favourite. It kind of reminded me of White Bear in that at first you feel sorry for this person and then you realize what they actually did in a final twist, but I think the twist in White Bear was done better. Also like the guy in Playtest he was really not thinking when he downloaded that computer cleaner :noey:. It annoys me when a character's stupidity/ignorance puts them into a situation essential to the plot. However I did like how at the end they made it so that regardless of what they did, the hackers still released all the info.


    San Junipero: This was kind of put me off because it wasn't immediately obvious what was "different" about this world like all other episodes. You only realize half-way through or something that they're in an augmented reality (or at least, I didn't figure it out until they made it really clear...). I can appreciate how it was not the usual disturbing episode and was instead more sweet and gentle, but I think they missed out on a lot of potential by not going much into the philosophical problem of whether it's really "you" in the reality and in the end it kinda felt like a boring, predictable love story. And I didn't cry at the end :p.


    I didn't even realize the last 2 episodes existed :facepalm:. I watched those 4 on Netflix and for some reason assumed there were no more episodes. Will watch those tomorrow so I can discuss more!



    I also started binge-watching The 100. I was expecting it to be typical CW drama for teens but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a big corny at times but there are some great moments and a lot of the characters are really well developed, not pure good/pure evil.


    That's great to hear! Ugh yeah when people keep talking it's really annoying. Haha well as long as you were quiet :p


    Haha yeah!


    I agree, I hope she doesn't become the new Boba Fett. Popular but with such a small screen presence and a really disappointing death... I keep changing my opinion on her being Luke's daughter. I'm leaning towards her being just a random girl now. Part of is it that I think making her Luke's would be kinda cheap. Haha yeah I was worried Nien Nunb wasn't killed off! He's been around so long!




    Happy New Year to you too!! :dance: Hope it's a fantastic one :happy:


    That's true, I hadn't thought of it that way! Yeah he's been through a lot...


    I loved the episode when Balthazar transported them to our universe when they were their actors :LOL:

    And this is random but Balthazar reminds me of Gordon Ramsay :wtf:


    Apparently season 7 filming wraps up this week.


    Believe me, the way we'll be tested on it is what makes the material manageable; as long as you do the homework you'd be fine. I'm glad you'll be done pretty soon then! Less than a month to go! Good luck on Wednesday!


    :happy: Awesome!! Male or female? What kind? (If I remember correctly, you've got two chihuahuas as well?). Does the puppy have a name yet? :awesome:

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