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    I love reading books, watching movies and tv shows, going to the theater and at gigs
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    Archaeology student,waitress,blogger
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    apart from Muse,Florence and the Machine,Radiohead,Rage against the masine,Bob Dylan,U2,Red hot chilli peppers,the Killers,Coldplay
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    American history X,Fight Club,Trainspotting,Moulin Rouge,The painted veil,Third Star,Harry Potter 1-2-3-4-7pt1 & 2
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    Doctor Who,Sherlock,Bones,Alias,The League of Gentlemen,Spaced,Lost,Downton Abbey
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    I read all kinds of books
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    Showbiz,Origin of Symmetry,Absolution,Black Holes and Revelations,The Resistance ,Hullabaloo soundtrack & DVD, Absolution DVD,H.A.A.R.P. ,Muse app,Muse 360 app,The 2nd Law,Muse live in Rome,Drones
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    Muse concert on the moon
    Rome 6/7/2013
    Milan 17/5/2016
    Athens 23/7/2016
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  1. Hello all, I bought one ticket via viagogo for the gig on the 6th of July at Stade de France but as luck would have it I can't go because of work. The original price I paid was 125 euros and I'm willing to sell them for as low as 100 as long as another fan goes in my place. Is anyone interested ???
  2. Hello, I bought one ticket from viagogo for the gig at Stade de France on the 6th of July and unfortunately I won't be able to attend because I have to work. I bought it for 125 euros but I'm willing to sell it for as low as 100. Is there anyone interested ??? The ticket is for the Arena
  3. ok :) I hope I'll find it somewhere because I love it. Anyway have you eever seen Muse live ?

  4. No sorry I don't :(

  5. me too but I still hope that maybe they will come back here one day or that I will find the money to go and see them :( by the way do you know where can I fing the cover they did of 'Sigh o' Times' ?

  6. Oh, I'm sorry.....

  7. Not much. I'm just watching videos from the live at Montpellier and crying because I will never get to see them live

  8. I'm good just a little sick :/ no that's ok don't :) so what's up?

  9. hey :) I'm good you ? (sorry it took me sooo long to answer to you but I'm not here as much as I used to )

  10. Thanks, Happy birthday to us indeed!!! :LOL::dance::awesome:

    NINETEEN YEARS OLD NOW!!! :party::happy:

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