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  1. Ok cool :)

    I'm sort of only treating Sophia as a friend now anyway, I like that other girl I told you about (She loves Muse and MCR!) called Charlie :)

    *catches luck dust*


  2. Madddddaaaaaaay :D How's it going? Yeah nothing's changed :p xxx

  3. (sorry for replying late! I've been really busy :( )


    I suppose! I'm not like that at least :p

    Awww, how is it going with her now? :happy:

    Yeah they do, the worst are eyebrows or lips! :shifty:


    Just a question, have you told anyone about me before? I was just wondering if you'd told anyone about me or something :p


    :facepalm: awwww


    Yeah :wtf: I re-edited it and handed it in again and she took accepted it this time :D Although she was being stupid1


    It was fun :) How to lead people when working, practice for the future :D You should do it if it comes along your way!

    :ninja: How was it?


    Awww you and Liam look cute :happy: haha lying on the floor :p


    I had a 2,5 hour careers test after school for all Y11 determining what we wanted to be when we're older by answering questions!


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  4. Haai :awesome:


    Aha ok that sounds pretty much like most of the single guys in my year :chuckle: Yeah it is normal!

    Hmm a fight wouldn't be too nice! :p

    She should just do it I say :p Then she won't be depressed anymore!

    Meh I don't like face piercings either!



    Wow, it sounds like it really wasn't good :facepalm:


    Same! I spent a good 2 weeks working on something, it was 23 pages and then the teacher didn't accept it because it was a bit too long :supsersad:


    :happy: Gooooooood (: I have a leadership training thing tomorrow which should be fun (: You?


    How was it??? :awesome: Have fun!


    Love you too!


  5. :happy: Hey!


    Good :) Hmm that's weird, maybe he has a crush on you because that does sound a bit too friendly :confused: Just make sure Liam doesn't get angry at Tom! Poor Hollie, maybe she should ask him out? It might help him not get too friendly with you, you never know! And if he says yes, Hollie will be happy too :D

    Staring? Am I thinking what you're thinking? :noey:


    Awwww :( That's terrible! Such a shame, she sounds horrible! Just like the X Factor, popularity contest! You're still brilliant!


    My day was good thanks :) Busy, lots of schoolwork! I'm going to reply to your PM now and I'll write more there :)


    How was your day today?


    Love you too!


  6. Hey :D


    Seeing as the stuff we were talking about before is now getting slightly old, lets start a new conversation :p


    How was your day??? :D


    Good to hear your audition went well by the way ;)


    Love you jadey :)


  7. Hey :)


    I was just going to message you to apologize for not replying, I'm so sorry I haven't replied :supersad: Friday I was at a friends house and I came back late afternoon yesterday and today I was in Rotterdam, sorry :(

    I'm on my iPod now so I'll reply to your message and PM tomorrow :D I have so much to talk about! :D


    Once again sorry for replying late :supersad: I missed you too :(


    Love you too!


  8. :chuckle: Okay


    :happy: There is one??? Awesome! How much is it??


    :awesome: Well saved ;)


    Don't stress, you'll be fine, don't worry! I hope it goes well!


    How did you audition go? Have you done it yet??? :D




    Wow that's brilliant :D Well done!

    Aww that's cool! What a cool headteacher you have! :DDDD


    My weekend was good thanks! I have much more to tell you in my PM, sorry if this isn't much now :(


    How was your day?


    Love you!


  9. I'll reply to your PM and Vis. Message later today or tomorrow, i'm very busy!

    BTW, I've planned out tomorrow, Sophia's Birthday! Wish me luck ;)


  10. :happy:


    :chuckle: Haha that's not too far!


    No not yet, I haven't tried playing it yet because I can't seem to find it on my laptop at all, when I find it i'll let you know!






    :D Cool! :awesome: Haha that's a lot of paper being used there, ;)


    Goood! Ooooh good luck with the exam! :eek: Don't be worried! It'll be fine! :D


    School is going good for me thanks :D I got my school report in the week which went quite good. Maths & Biology needed improving but the rest was good. I got a Good in PE, Music and English :D And a Very Good in History :awesome:


    How are you today?


    Love you too!


  11. Hey! You guys are brilliant! :awesome:

  12. :happy: You're welcome!




    :chuckle: Yes they are! :)


    :happy: You should! Can you get it all done before christmas? How far are you now?? (:


    Do you? I need to try that game now!


    I think I will then, yesh :yesey:



    Not really, not many embarrassing pictures have turned up so far!


    Good idea!


    60? :eek: Where did you get all of them???


    Awww how's school going?? :)


    Love you too!


  13. Ah it's no problem Jadey! I just sat in my room on my iPod and wrote it (I write all my songs on my iPod :chuckle:) Haha just ask if you need help!


    :chuckle: Ok!


    :D Yeaahh



    Sounds like you have such a fun group of friends there! :chuckle: Yeah I get the point ;)


    No problem! :kiss:


    Well good luck with reading it all before Christmas! Stick to the movies I say :p


    Haha I never knew how to play Solitaire, thanks! :D


    I'll watch Captain America when I have the time then!



    Nah not really, chill, sit back, relax as I see pictures from Friday go up :p


    I think you should go for the Batman one, it's awesome :awesome:


    How was your day yesterday?


    Love you too!


  14. Here are your lyrics :happy:


    [spoiler=We Dream Alone]We Dream Alone



    Sometimes I look at you and I look into your eyes,

    I notice the way you think about nightmare with a smile,

    But you think it's your dreams making your life worthwhile



    Why is it so hard for you to decide what you love more?

    Dreams or Nightmares?

    The ones that enlighten us?

    Or the ones that frighten us?



    You're my worst nightmare and my sweetest dream,

    Only you can hear my screams,

    That's why we dream alone,

    Every night and every day

    I sit here alone and pray,

    That's why we dream alone




    Why do we dream alone?

    Why do we only sleep at home?

    What makes us all be like this?

    Self Centred, helpless and scared to bits

    Is it you that gave me that hiss

    Or am I not alone in this room?

    A room filled with endless doom



    I thought I could trust you

    I thought you could trust me

    You heard my screams

    And I heard yours, unbelieveable,

    How I fell for all of this instantly



    You're my worst nightmare and my sweetest dream,

    Only you can hear my screams,

    That's why we dream alone,

    Every night and every day

    I sit here alone and pray,

    That's why we dream alone




    That's why we dream alone.

    Thats why we dream alone,

    Why is it always like this?

    That's why we dream alone

    That's why we dream alone

    Why is it always like this?

    Someone, anyone, please help me



    You're my worst nightmare and my sweetest dream,

    Only you can hear my screams,

    That's why we dream alone,

    Every night and every day

    I sit here alone and pray,

    That's why we dream alone





    I haven't been able to add chords and all that yet but what I did here is just take the bits you sent me and spread them throughout the song, I worked it until it looked good!


    Enjoy them :happy:

  15. :chuckle:

    Maybe you should try send her onto a double date or something?? What about you, Liam and her go out for lunch or something somewhere and then you invite cullen along secretly and try and hook them up :chuckle:



    At least you can roll down the hill if it's so steep! :chuckle:


    Well it's good that you get along with them all! I'd hate to go somewhere and then not get along with anyone!

    :chuckle: He sounds a bit like Tom, sort of desperate! Although Tom never makes out with girls. He's the only weird friend I have really :LOL:


    Ok :) I'll try do that tonight! :) I'll probably keep your part, don't worry :)


    Ouch! That is A LOT of reading! :p Good luck! Hmm I never really got into Solitaire that much, how do you play it??? Cool :) I haven't seen that movie yet :$ Should I?


    So have I :)


    Love you too!


  16. :chuckle:


    Haha it would be the first rule she places! "No Liam allowed within a mile of the room" :chuckle:

    Aww she'll get a boyfriend eventually!




    :eek: I know! Yeah we could still drive, but it wasn't easy haha!


    Cool :happy: Haha a few? That's loads of people! Nice :) Haha who's Touchy Feely Tom?? :LOL:


    The lyrics are a good start, if you don't mind me adding more to it? :)




    Good! Haha what else did you do today? :p


    My day was good thanks :) I'm gonna reply to your PM now!


    Love you too!


  17. :happy:


    :eek: I suppose I don't! :chuckle: Adele can sing yes!


    Yeah it must be :D

    No they probably don't haha :chuckle: That's a tough one to get past, will hollie allow it?? :p



    Haha yeah!




    :chuckle: It must be then! (Same!)


    :happy: It was, and it stayed here till early february which was annoying :(




    Good! Haha what's the Regal?? Hmm I could try figure out how it goes on Guitar or something and then i'll see how it sounds on my keyboard :) I have about 27 songs on my ipod from the last month that i've written, i'd gladly lend you one if it fits in with the chords :) If not, i'll write one for your song :)




    How was your day??


    Love you too!


  18. Awwww it's fine :)


    I find most of Gaga's songs annoying, apart from the Edge of Glory, which is quite cool (I thought she was alright and now she's getting irritating :/ Good music yeah, but she is EVERYWHERE! It's annoying me now :/)


    :chuckle: Aha ok :p Haha that sounds like a good room plan! And you won't let Liam move in with you then?? :p


    :awesome: Thanks! Oh phew, my friend (Quentin) pointed out I was acting weird after about 1:30 in the way I was playing the bass haha. I tried to do as much of a Chris as possible!


    I thought you would :p

    :rolleyes: Obviously :p Cool (:


    :LOL: Yeah I do now, it's sort of legal office or something (:


    I might just have to! And then I won't be allowed to leave because of the snow :p


    Gooooood :happy:


    Nice :) Ok :)


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  19. :)




    :awesome: Very true, but some of her stuff I do find annoying! By the way, it's more like 99% :p

    Yes :yesey:


    :D Haha and where do you wanna go to uni then?? :yesey:


    :awesome: Go to http://www.youtube.com/basscontrol24 and the video is called New Project 5 or something (: Warning: It was 4am in the morning and I look ridiculously tired and my hair is a mess! :chuckle:


    Haha, "So, Jade, what do you want to do when you leave school?" "I want to stalk Muse!" "Ok, next please!" :chuckle:


    She lives in Amsterdam now :) Ah I dunno actually :LOL:


    Nope no chance :( My sister is getting better but still we couldn't book any more!


    Oh how did the Spanish go? Good luck!

    Oh Jade :chuckle:


    Nah, on holiday :)


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  20. :happy: Cool


    :chuckle: Aha ok (:



    Thanks! :D

    It is. The only Pop I think is good is some of Lady Gaga and Take That. Rule the World is a good song!




    :chuckle: Ok. Haha I suppose if you move in with someone when you're older, Hollie will have to join you! :LOL:


    Not yet no :( He was gonna put it on Facebook and YouTube (primarily so that the girl he likes would see it on FB, and the same for me :chuckle:). Once it's on i'll send you a link! :)

    It's him on drums and me on Bass (:


    Aha what's a student path way day? :rolleyes:

    Sounds like you were busy!


    My weekend was alright thanks (: Had family over yesterday and for the last 2 weeks my irish cousin has been staying here! She's now even got a job and she's going to live here now, my other cousin (her husband) is coming soon as well! It's been a fun 2 weeks with them!


    Well we were going to kent & london but my sister is ill and we've cancelled it :( My dad and I might still try and go to see the Football and maybe stay the night in London, but that's it. I'm really disappointed because Holland is so boring in the holiday :/


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  21. :happy:

    Aha ok! You said you went on a visit there didn't you?




    Oh :chuckle: Oh really?? Do you have to rewrite them all then or do you just get to miss the courseworks completely?? Haha, "exploded"!

    :happy: No problem

    (Haha :chuckle:)


    I hope so! I really do hope so! I won't give up!

    :LOL: No she doesn't. I think she liked 1D but also listens to other rubbish pop! Me neither, and I think Take That are alright!


    Yeah, but it does seem like she loves him :/




    Oh no! Are you alright now??? Ahh you and Hollie can never be apart can you? :LOL:


    My day was alright, stayed the night at Ruben's Friday and we started work on the album we're making.. We filmed the intro (which is instrumental) and Ruben is putting it online today :)


    How has your weekend been??


    Ok :)


    Love you too!


  22. Haha I know :chuckle:


    Meh it's just Sophia again :( My friends were being annoying and asked her out for me without telling me and now she's gone all awkward on me :/ And suddenly Charlie is now paying me lots of attention and Sophia's best friend is doing the same :/ And I tell you, Lea is hott! And we're friends already.

    Cheers :)

    Cool, what colleges did you check out? :)

    Well as I just said above with Sophia :/


  23. Aha ok :rolleyes:

    Ok :)

    Pretty much the same :(

    Errr i'll be a roadie :chuckle:

    How was your day?


  24. Well done Jade! :D What did you have to write about then?




    Haha if she did you'd have to go live with her wherever she goes! :chuckle:



    Oh my god how stupid :facepalm: When do you go back to school?? Or is it still closed?

    Cool Pictures! Pwetty Jade :happy: Liam is very lucky! (haha it didn't look that bad :p)


    Yeah it was fun (:

    I wish my love life was just as simple as yours :( Just want to have someone and not have to keep looking for the right girl :supersad:

    Well yeah she wears low cut tops but she doesn't wear lots of make up. Barely any. She's also shorter than me which makes the low cut tops, er, a bit, er, :chuckle: Let me say obvious :LOL:


    You do that, I hope you get it :D

    Yeah ever since she went out with that guy she's been talking to me more :/ Once again, such a confusing love life :p


    Awwww :/


    How are you?


    Love you too!


  25. Why'd you give me that role??? Can I swap it for James Bond??

    Sorry I just don't like the role you gave me, appearing briefly and being killed :noey:


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