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  1. He was alright (you did :p) Tennant will always be the best! :happy:




    It has! :eek: It's better when years go slowly :)

    :eek: I know! I will ask her out, I promise you!


    :chuckle: Haha that's funny :p:facepalm:

    No she was on a volleyball trip apparently :/



    Gooood! I'd miss you lots too jade!




    Goood :) Oh cool! Haha was it? :chuckle:


    Mine is fine thanks :) Had a BBQ yesterday with neighbours (:


    I did earlier :)



    How is your Sunday?


    Love you too!


  2. I'll reply to your pm sometime tomorrow, very busy tonight :(

    do have to say it's very cute what you did to liam :happy: well done for doing that!

    Love you!


  3. :wtf: I've not listened to Crying Shame in a few weeks so I kinda forgot the lyrics. Oh well, that's a crying shame...:p

    Your welcome :)

    But maybe you forgot the exact location :shifty:

    Ok good :yesey:


    *Hopes it wishes him luck*

    Uh huh :LOL:


  4. :party::p


    It is kinda a lot yeah :p Sometimes I get that too, it's because of how long you play you get annoyed with the sound eventually. I have that too....

    :D Yeah :LOL:


    Like I just said, it's because of how long you play usually :/

    I will seriously consider Blackstar, but I'm already getting a new iPod, a Bass and tickets to Coldplay so maybe not just yet :chuckle:

    I like that video! :)


    Yeah, nothing major :p


    Yep :LOL:

    Same with mine :awesome: I only have 2 normal friends really :erm:

    Oh why? :(

    I was thinking of asking mine to the cinema but just us two this time, unlike last time when there were 5 of us :erm:

  5. :eek: hahaha :p


    :awesome: That's a lot! Oh no why now?


    :LOL: 'twas alright yeah :) Haha same!


    Keep tweaking and you'll fine the right settings! (:

    I'll have a look at all of those, especially the blackstar ones :D


    Oh I always get that in tests! It sucks, especially when you remember it afterwards!


    :LOL: Nope :p

    :awesome: Yes I know :LOL: What are your friends like?

    Cool :) What movie?


    Hmm nice little story :p It's alright :)

    But you might not :shifty:

    :D Seriously? Imma go have a look at that :confused:


    Oh, ok....:$

    *Luck dust gets blown away by wind like always* :(

    Haha oh yeah i know him! :p


  7. :chuckle:

    :( It does.... David Tennant was the best Doctor for sure!


    Ah ok :)




    Wow that is quick! It does feel like the year has gone fast though, doesn't it?

    :eek: It can!

    Ok ;)


    Nice :happy: I'm not that bad at badminton myself actually :)

    They had one at school today but Charlie was sick today, plus I was busy too :(


    Oh ok :$ I hope you don't completely go off here :( You won't, will you?


    Haha I want to do that too sometimes :chuckle:


    My day was good thanks :)


    How was your Friday?


    Love you too!


  8. :D

    Haha it is :( Me neither :erm: That's the exact same thing that I do!


    Well today was sports day, I spent some time talking to her :) I asked if she wanted to come to a Coldplay concert in December, she said she'd ask :)

    I have a massive headache and leg pain today :( The headache can thank my evil maths teacher :(

    how are you today?



    So do I :stunned:

    Maybeeee, but do you really? :shifty:

    I have, But do you remember it? ;)

    Seriously? You okay? Ok :)

    My Love Life is as it was earlier, still trying to get to her :/

    How is YOUR love life? :p


  10. :D


    HAHA NO TRUTH FOR YOU :p:party:

    I just had my guitar lesson :) We learned Kasabian :) Yes you must :awesome:


    I think so yeah, it seems like nothing is going on in our lives :LOL: I had sports day today and now my leg hurts and I have a headache :supersad:


    Awesome amp settings!Another reason I need a new amp myself! Any recommendations? :awesome:


    Good luck with Biology! How did it go?


    Ah my day was alright, sports day :LOL: (always very funny)

    I spent some time with my crush at the football fields and then more with another friend called Lea, she's hot and awesome. That's it really :/ Most of my other friends disappeared after football :confused:

  11. I suppose so yeah. But for now at least the memory lives on :D


    (It sounds like you're very interesting actually nina :D Maybe you have a really bright future! :D)


    (So do I, but the smily restriction just sucks :( )

    So do I. Apart from friends I also like to learn new things too :D You're friends are lazy :LOL:

    Haha yes they do have to watch out for you! "Look out, nina's about!"


    :noey: Yeah

    It does feel very funny too when someone does that to you, you have to admit :p



    Haha, if she gets famous or anything no one will want to say her name :LOL:


    Hmm I don't really like Tea ): That's early! I have to wake up at 7am every day ): Yes they do! Tests are really annoying! I'm also a bit of a perfectionist :/




    How was your day?


  12. Haha :D


    I don't know either. We're a very secretive species :awesome:

    Haha possibly :facepalm::LOL:





    :LOL: Uh huh


    Yes I suppose :LOL:


    How's it going today? :)

  13. That's a shame :(


    I don't know, do you? :shifty:

    Ooooooooooook ;)

    That's good! Ah i'm fine thanks :D


  14. :chuckle: yes it is!

    Oh no! :( That sucks :( Doctor Who is still cool but not like it used to :supersad:






    Yes they are! Mine is Sweet Child O Mine, but November Rain is a close second (:

    Cool. I don't have a clue when I get them actually :confused: Probably a few weeks too (:

    Aww lucky you :happy@


    Well I've seen Chelsea so many times in the last couple of years, so i don't mind giving up my seat for him :) I'm going in the October Half Term again (:

    I think Charlie wants us to just be friends :erm: According to her friend :/ If you reply to my PM I can tell you more!




    Oh no? Are you good at volleyball then?

    Haha they're next game is Friday, but I don't think it's at this school :/


    It's ok :$ I do miss your PM's though ):


    How was your day?


    love you too!


  15. :D

    Possibly yeah :erm: I really am unsure right now :rolleyes: Typical me :/ I never spot the signs right :rolleyes:

    Did you have a look? :chuckle:

    :dance: (So do I!)

    Haha :LOL:

    Yep :D

    Oh :( Are you alright now? :rolleyes:

    Mine was fine thanks :D


  16. :LOL: Haha ok!


    :supersad: Imagine if Nirvana were around today still? That would be good, but then there would be no Foo Fighters :(


    :chuckle: Yeah I suppose so!


    :yesey: Yes


    (Just do stuff like (:, turn it around a bit so it's still "a smiley")

    Ooooh ok! It sounds very interesting :)

    Haha never beat up a guy :p Yes you will :phu:


    The pinching war is such an irritating war :noey:

    I don't like that either, don't want to get strangled ):


    Cool name by the way :p


    Yes that is a very Finnish name :L




    I'm soo tired too ):

    I have an Eco test (quiz :ninja:) next monday ):


    My day was alright thanks :D


    (sorry my message was shorter than yours ): )

  17. :D

    It does :erm: I might just do that. I asked about it in the Love and Relationships thread (even though Jade has been talking about it with me for ages now, and she is helping :D) and suddenly so many people started commenting and it turned into like 4 pages of advice and jokes :LOL:


    Really? Did anyone get expelled then? :/

    It's a National "Holiday" today :)

    how was your day today?


  18. (haha then at least you can play Guiding Light :LOL:)


    :supersad: Especially when I hear Kurt Cobain sing :/ Such a shame, both really greatly talented musicians :(


    :LOL: Haha sounds like you have a lot of fun, like in that video you showed me (;


    :chuckle: Ok


    They have :yesey:


    (At least 25 messages would be nice!)

    Oh that sucks ): What kind of work are you doing? Haha how is your wrist now?

    Oh haha that pinching we do here too, on people's sides. There's a girl called Linda who screams really loud and jumps so high when we do that!

    Ninazilla? :LOL: Is Nina your name then?


    Nice songs :)

    My favourite song right now is Paradise by Coldplay <3


    Oh why? :(


    how was your day?x

  19. Aha ok :$


    Or do you? That is the question :shifty::p

    You know the country I live in, don't you? :/

    How was your day?


  20. :D

    Yes I suppose she is :ninja:




    Haha, all aliens do :awesome:

    Only 2 hours! That's MY normal time :LOL:


    YES I DO :fear: I know right?!?! :dance:

    (Hmm yeah....:wtf:)


    Haha :LOL:


    I don't know right now :$ My amp sucks, I just rely on my Fuzz for good sounds :LOL:

  21. :D

    :LOL: Yeah! Well Charlie is the girl who I have liked for the past 2 weeks, but something seriously draws me to the way Sophia is so interested in me and i'm sure she likes me. So probably Sophia, but then 2 of my friends like her too :stunned: If Sophia did go for one of us 3 (I'm not trying to sound rude) she would most likely go for me because we get along best and have good fun together. We actually shared a chair at lunch today too :LOL:


    Aha that's boring :(

    Mine was good thanks :happy: I finish at 11:00 tomorrow, and thursday is sports day so my week is really easy!


  22. Yeah probably :happy:

    I really don't know :$ It's all so confusing for me! I'll see what happens this week :/ I'm so confused...

    Maybe Sophia is the one....:$ :$ :$


    Haha I didn't even realize I did that, but oh yeah, you've been promoted :LOL:

    How was your day?


  23. Yes they are :afro:



    Ah I don't have Facebook (yet...) so I can't see :/ What's her name? I'll google her, always works :LOL:


    Haha :LOL:


    Errr, very black :LOL: Aha it's alright really :) How are you today?


    WE DON'T CARE :alien:

    (I know :facepalm:)

  24. Haha yeah :rolleyes:

    It is :LOL: I think just stay single as you are for now :)

    I have her number and her friend gave me her email, so yeah :LOL: She seems to be avoiding me sometimes and then talking to me :confused: I don't know what sings she's giving, good one's or bad one's...

    Well the other 2 girls take lots of interest in me, especially Sophia. First it was trying to get to know both and now they both just come up to me and start talking. They're great friends anywho, all 3 of them.



  25. Haha I suppose :p

    Haha so many tests already? :confused:

    :D Haha you don't know where I live :p


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