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  1. :happy: No problem



    :chuckle: That sounds like a nice list of sports :D






    Aha really? She won't move though will she? :p




    Oh what a shame, was it like a prank or something?? Haha that's a lot! :L


    I went on a school trip to Amsterdam today :D I wrote about it here - http://jack-arcade-muser.tumblr.com/post/11321133525/amsterdam-was-fun-d

    I'm not sure about liking Sophia anymore either :$ It just seems too awkward. On the up side, Lea and I were surprisingly close today, take a look on my link :D


    Ok :) How are things with Liam? Kissed yet? ;) I saw Charlie making out with that idiot Antoine today too :/ She seemed awkward about it when she found out that I saw them doing it :chuckle: She's been really nice to me lately :confused:


    How was your day?? (:


    Love you too!


  2. Awesome :D Do they serve Lobsters, by any chance?? :p

    Yeah :awesome:

    :dance: Lucckkyyyyy!

    How was your day?


  3. Yeeah :D

    Sweet! Going anywhere nice?? :)

    Meh I'm just chilling :) I have a school trip on Tuesday to Amsterdam :D

  4. Oh it's fine! Good luck with your History, hopefully you do really well, I hope you do! :D

    Yay ;)



    Probably Football, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket & Rugby. You?




    I hate Miley so much too. There is no talent in anything she does, at all! :vomit:


    Yeah she is :happy:



    :shifty: yeah...

    :happy: That's a good thing yeah (:


    Oh ok ;) Yeah you survived! :chuckle:


    I chilled yesterday and today i'm going to Rotterdam to see my grandparents!

    How about you, wifey?


    Love you too!


  5. Eh it's going good Maddy :awesome: Any plans for today? xxx

  6. Maddddddyyyyyyy :awesome: How are you?

  7. :awesome:


    Aha you should :chuckle: Maybe when I move? Ah not much, just lots of sports (:


    Ok ;)


    It sucks :noey: I hate Miley Cyrus so much! :noey: Yes they must be!



    Yeah Charlie is still with that guy. After she found out Sophia said no when I asked her out she emailed me asking if I was alright and that it must've been disappointing for me. That was really sweet of her :)


    :chuckle: Haha (yeah I do :p) Oh ok (:



    it wasn't that good, we cancelled the rest after the first band because people were going home. They all say they'll stay and they leave :( At least Sophia stayed for all of it! :D

    I now tend to get a hug from Sophia almost every day which is just really nice <3 She knows I like her now but we still talk :)


    Ok ;) Oh really? In the middle of term? :( poor you


    Love you!


  8. :happy:



    Wow, that's very bad -_-




    Probably Kent or Surrey :D


    I just replied :)


    He should be, he's such a legend! :D


    I don't know :eek:

    I still like Sophia even if she said no, so yeah :)


    Nice! I'll watch them when I can :awesome: Haha did you not know how to then?


    Today is the music festival i'm organizing! :D Can't wait, stage is up already!




    Love you too!


  9. :happy:



    They are both very pretty yeah :) I explained what I'll do in the PM :D


    :LOL: quack :LOL:

    Haha seriously? -_-


    :awesome: Yep!


    :happy: Sweeeeet. I'm coming over to england for my half term! :D


    Just replied back ;)


    Nice :) Haha Grohl for president :chuckle: I'll check the cover out later!


    Very tiring :eek: And I missed Sophia because I haven't seen her since thursday :(


    How are you this weekend?


    Love you too!


  10. Maddy :awesome:

    Yep :D I was right by the sound desk so I asked for one and got it :D Great gig!

    WELL DONE :D that's so awesome Maddy!


    im tired :/ lots of school work and i'm missing Sophia :( just realised today how much I enjoy her company <3


  11. Hey Maddy :awesome:

    It's from the Arcade Fire concert I went to in August :D

    how're you?' xxx

  12. :p

    Yes he is. What's your fave Foo Fighters (or Nirvana, of course ;)) song then?

  13. yep ;)

    That Dave Grohl avatar....:LOL:

  14. hey :) i never realized this was you!

  15. Nah, never gonna be friends with him. I feel annoyed at myself for missing my chance with her anyway, but hey, life goes on.

    I'm gonna ask her out at the concert next week. I was really close with her today, we hugged twice and we were sitting on tables at lunch together and we were seriously interacting. She's the only chance now for me really :$ Hopefully she says yes!

    Thanks :happy: i hope so too, i'll show you pictures when it's done!

    Ooh la la rachel has a boyfriend :p i'm happy for you :) First Jade, now you :) I promise I will be next! Come next Week i will be with Sophia! She always seems happy to see me and i have noticed that she is different around me, nicer to me than other guys and all that!

    School was meh, apart from getting hugs from Sophia :) watching a Kasabian DVD now :) i have a 3 day weekend too :D

    you? Who's the lucky boys name??


  16. :$ It's ok Jadey! I've been quite busy too!


    Yeeeaaaah I did because you're so awesome :kiss: Aww thanks (:




    I just know him a bit. He knew I liked her, the jerk :supersad: Nah he's an idiot, he doesn't think about others at all. That's just him.

    Sophia is lovely. By the way when you looked her up, the one with the blonde girl and the darker haired one, she was the blonde one, I saw it last week :) Lea was on the left, Sophia on the right. She's brilliant, just what I need right now :D


    :LOL: :LOL:


    Me neither! Maybe it's the noise they make? :LOL: Ducks are awesome!


    She got a silver medal and got into the city paper! (:


    Awww, when is your holiday again? Not long now right?


    I'll just reply myself too :) It's ok, was waiting for you though :$


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


  17. you have an awesome sig! Velociraptor is a brilliant album, especially by kasabian's massively high standards!

    I take it you're new here, haven't seen you before??

  18. what's up with the tedward bear thing ed?


  19. Nothing good :/ I was going to ask her out yesterday, and in the morning I found out that someone else pipped it to get her before me :( What's worse is that this guy knew that I liked her and now laughs every time I see them together. She doesn't know I like her/liked her at all. To her she doesn't have a clue what's going on :/

    So I'm just going to get with my friend Sophia because she's amazing already :)

    It's going very well, website has improved too http://www.ismfestival.wordpress.com :D

    Aha :erm: Really? Any developments? ;)



  20. Aha it's ok :kiss:

    I've been alright-ish recently :) Not the best though, on the girls front.

    School is fine, it's that music festival next week that i'm organizing, remember?? :D



  21. Hey,


    Awesome! How did you think of that username?

  22. :yesey: Same :chuckle: (yes it is!)


    Haha I see why! This year has been increasingly average for me know, seeing as I won't be asking Charlie out at all now. Someone asked her out who knew that I liked her. She didn't know I liked her and said yes. :supersad: :supersad: I've been sad all day. Only Sophia cares about me right now. She was making me smile while I was annoyed today.


    Haha don't we all jinx these kind of things? :LOL:




    hahaha what's so scary about ducks? Your friends are quite....interesting :LOL:


    Yes they are! :eek: That's a while!


    Nice (: Cool

    Alright, my sister had a running competition so I took my laptop with me and did work!


    I didn't get anything yet :p


    How was your day?


    Love you too!


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