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    Dune, Black Panther, Ex Machina, LotR/Star Wars sagas, Interstellar, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Anchorman, Festival, The History Boys, 300, The Truman Show, Fight Club, Dogma, Cloverfield, Milk, The Social Network, The Talented Mr Ripley, Good Will Hunting.
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    Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, LotR series and Harry Potter ofc.
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    Showbiz (album), Origin of Symmetry (album), Absolution (album), Black Holes and Revelations (album), Hysteria (single), Time Is Running Out (single), cd of Muse b-sides/rarities I made, Hullabaloo (album), Hullabaloo (dvd), Absolution (dvd).
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    Muse @ NEC November 14th 2006. Muse @ V-Fest (Weston Park) August 08, Muse @ Teignmouth September 2009. Muse @ Vital Festival, Belfast August 2017.
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  1. Hushhhhh and hush Thank you. I prefer the tone on yours though. It's moodier. A shame on the sharpness front but otherwise you'd have blown us all away and that'd be cruel! What camera were you using?
  2. They were enjoying the sun starting to lower, as it was around 5:30, but with certain routes/paths shut off we couldn't view them from the better side to see the group. A shame. Still, happy with what I got. I've had a few of those issues too - aquariums/tanks are hard because of the glass, glare, water, tank lighting, motion... haha. The turtle one is really nice though.
  3. 1) Bristol being bright, shadey, tall, narrow, and wonky. 2) A saxophonist at a Disney jazz concert in a local music hall. 3) My friend's cat while I was their guest/looking for a place to live.
  4. Been a while since I uploaded any, purely because I'm forgetful and lazy
  5. 8 days ago Monty started to deteriorate at a noticeably quicker rate. We suspected he'd got a month or two. Tomorrow he'll probably be put to sleep. Inevitably gutted. Moreso given we lost Polly, our first dog, last summer. 13 months and two dogs. I took this one of him a while back. I forget how long ago. Some point back towards the end of Spring I think. I liked the idea of him resting peacefully.
  6. I've been slack on here lately but I'll try and step up my game. Was main photographer for a friend's wedding (first time) and borrowed a 5D MK2 for it. Mmmm. Way better than the 400D, though that's what I used for the gig shot.
  7. I do need to talk to him again to clarify what's what yeah. I think I'm a guest who's doing the photography to be honest but that doesn't mean I won't be bossy I've made a note for the must have photos, so I'm intending to go through a tonne of wedding photography to see who does what and how and see what I can replicate. A list with me is a must I agree. Venue - I'll have to ask the friend. It's mid afternoon in the summer, but the room is a big ceremonial hall in Liverpool and the windows don't seem too friendly to natural light so we'll see. I'll be taking my 400D with my 50mm 1.8 and my 70-300mm lens but I'm probably going to get myself a wide angle and borrow someone's 40D so I can flit between the cameras. Appreciate the advice
  8. I wasn't trying to cause trouble. I liked the picture :'(
  9. I like it, but it feels flat to me. I'd say what I'd do but I saved it and did it to demonstrate Not that you have to do things differently of course, that's the whole point and fun of photography.
  10. Been asked by my best mate from uni to do the photography at his wedding in the summer. Need advice as to what I need to be doing. A lot of it is common sense but I also know I need a wide angle lens and a diffuser. Just wondering if I need any other gear, then what gear, then what sort of techniques for what sort of shots. GO.
  11. Nice depth of field, solid focus on the leaf... doesn't quite standout enough for me though. I'm glad you didn't black and white it else it would get lost in amongst the branches so I don't know, maybe a tighter crop to the image and then a boost of saturation would fix it. Not a bad shot though
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