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Found 8 results

  1. Spacedemeanor


    I was one of the first people to buy tickets in the Seattle presale and somehow this is all I managed to snag Praying muse brings back their penis shaped stage for this tour so I can actually see anything without binoculars 😭
  2. Hey guys, so I made my account well before September 13th, but i ended up not actually activating it until the 18th or 19th. I can't find the pre-sale code anywhere, and I'm worried I might not get any tickets. Advice?
  3. Hey everyone, I've got a presale code which i plan to use for Boston January 25th. I know there was a limit for only 2 tix at per each presale code a while back, and I'm looking to find out if that still stands. Preferably, I'd like to get 4 tickets with one presale code. Does this work? Thanks
  4. Hello, I've gotten my code for the muse presale. When I click on the link for the Montreal gig, it displays that tickets will go on sale the 28th of october. On the Muse website it says that it will go on sale Octobre 21st, which makes sense since it goes on sale for the general public on the 23rd. Will I be able to get them the 21st of october in the presale period? I messaged Ticketstoday but haven't gotten an answer If you know anything... Thanks!
  5. Having a forum account actually doesn't make you a member of muse.mu for pre-sale ticket purchasing purposes. You need to go to the main website and make a .mu account from there which is completely different from a forum account. People, including me, made this mistake so if you want to be eligible for pre-sale tickets make an account on the websites main page. If you do it post gig announcement it's too late, you need to have an account beforehand. Even if you made an account a long time ago make sure to double check that it works, if you changed your email since the account was made it might not work anymore. Good luck!
  6. Since my tickets are willcall, will I be assigned a seat later or do I have floor seats reserved? Did anyone else almost flip their lid trying to figure out the city and state fields?
  7. I am very disappointed in the presale for the Salt Lake City show on September 19th. I am a devoted fan and had preregistered on this website prior to the 8th, and thought that the presale would be fantastic. I ended up buying 8 tickets and they weren't great seats, but I assumed they were the best available. When ticket sales opened up for everyone this morning, there were way better seats available. I couldn't buy them because I couldn't afford to buy 8 additional tickets. So the presale was a huge joke. I'm so sad.
  8. as i was in the ticket presale process, i accidentally left the page to purchase them so when i returned it said the tickets were no longer available...is there any way i can get a new code or something so i can get my tickets??
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