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  1. FUCKING CUNTY BASTARDS!!! i had the damn tickets and took the entire 5 min countdown to complete the transaction trying to get past the fucking verified by visa page. tried 4 difference cards and nothing......
  2. hoping my laptop doesn't suddenly decide to do random updates at 9am. Its a bit of a shit these days and takes ages. It'll be going out the fucking window if it does
  3. Hi Karen, Are you still looking to sell or swap your 2 tickets for 14 April? I have two standing tickets for 3 April if you're interested in swapping for those, otherwise I could just buy your seated tickets off you.


    If they're still available - could you tell me how much you want for them & where they are?


    Thanks, Ann


  4. karentan

    Very confused

    It's just been added to ticket master too. So glad I got in on one of the dates. Phew
  5. karentan

    Very confused

    Gigs and tours are listing a London date on the Thursday. I've managed to get tickets to it, put it on my credit card though in case it's not legit. Haven't heard any mention of a 3rd date anywhere?
  6. Got my presale code, was being a twat and forgot we had to log on and get it here and not just wait for an email. In theory will I be able to get 2 seats for one of the London dates and 1 for the other date in the same transaction with the one code?
  7. really really hoping that someone is taping the stream, I cant get the fucking thing to work, tried the app, tried firing up shitty IE and downloading the stupid silverlight thing and still cant get the thing to work...... grr.....
  8. Just ttied using the app. It's limited to Belgium only. Fuck
  9. Gig was awesome! They ended up playing for 45 mins, managed to get into the golden circle and got to end of runway, and got some awesome close ups of matt Well worth going!
  10. There's a golden circle but its only for 200 people. Could fit three times that amount in there! Oh and apparently brad Pitt is coming out later.
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