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  1. Yes, highfive! I know a couple here:) Oh and we had the same gate at wembley aswell, I was wearing a cheese shirt in the second "section" of the queue:)

  2. Happy birthday .mu birthday wisher! Hope you had a great day:happy:

  3. :LOL: Yay for a functioning memory:awesome:For some reason im starting to forget wembley:(:erm:
  4. Yes, exactly! I'm really looking forward to Liams wembley DVD:awesome: Im still stunned over your collection..I've been trying to buy demos and such but I always end up over bidded at the last hundredth of a second:facepalm:

  5. Yes, well at the moment I don't really know If a rare demo would make much difference in my life:LOL: I have my times where I want everything:D But first I need money:LOL: Yes,the merch is a bit pricey and it takes a long time for items to go on sale, but I like to buy stuff when its "fresh":)

  6. Happy Birthday:happy:

  7. Maa.

    Hey Liron! I really hope they'll come play in Israel soon. You've been working so hard for this, just keep the faith and they'll come; hopefully with a great setlist without cheese:D But I'd rather have 1 h 45 min of GL than nothing, I think:stunned:. Oh and I recognized you at wembley 11th, I had the cheese shirt and you talked to me, but I was a bit shy and starstruck:$ Hope you're doing great?:happy:

  8. Maa.

    For some strange reason I had the visitor message thing on friends only:erm:Yes, I think you should get to choose the song, and for real now, not like the last shit poll :LOL:I went to the sounddesk during the last bit of KoC and took some pics of him, he was busy so I didn't want to disturb:LOL: Think I saw you there aswell with some boardies. I feel very honoured that my shirt got mentioned:D Yes, that setlist was to good to be true. Oh thanks, I lurked through your Israeli muse page some time ago and It looked great, we'll I pressed a few buttons here and there:LOL: I hope I'll get myself together and start learning some hebrew, always been fascinated by the language:happy:

    Just became a member and sent you a request:happy:

  9. Maa.

    Ohai! Well I hope they do come this year:) By the way i'm from Palestine but i live in Sweden. It's nice to see Israeli musefans:)

  10. Merry Christmas:dance::xmas:

  11. Haha thats the least I could give you the almighty queen of PMT:kiss::LOL: how was your day?:happy:

  12. :stunned::LOL: I hope matt will design his own socks collection with bananas:awesome: I'd be the first one to buy:LOL:
  13. Maa.

    Well my parents are. I was born in Sweden. But i was lucky enough to visit Palstine when i was 5 years old. Yes I do hope there will be a united Israel/Palestine, I'm really sick of all that shit going on.

    I hope you'll be able to see other parts the world :) Have you traveled outside of Israel?:happy:

  14. Maa.

    Wow, thats soo cool:) I love London and travelling but I'm only 16 so I haven't traveled much too see muse. Well only to Copenhagen, but my parents are letting me travel to London to see them in Wembley:) Well it really is a shame with the Israeli goverment and so, but It feels like everyone has gone blind. I mean look at how the world looks like, It's unacceptable:noey:

  15. I just wanted to say that you're one hell of an amazing guy! Your work is very appreciated:happy:

  16. Happy New Year :dance::party:

  17. Aww thanks, you too :)

  18. Happy Birthdaaayy:dance::party:





    A present for ya:stongue::awesome:Hope you'll have a awesome day!

  19. Hah, all that partying:dance:

  20. Happy New Year!:dance::party:

  21. Loving your avatar:eyebrows:

  22. thanks, oh and thanks for the song:awesome: APC ftw!

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