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    Crazy, mad artsy, piercings & tattoos = <3, I wanna learn to play the guitar so bad but has no money to get a guitar, my boytoy is (a pretty good chunk) of my life, animals are awesome, school is not. Thats about it
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    Edmonton Canada
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    Drawing/sketching whatever really, dancing whenever I can find a studio and time to dance in xP, roadtripping it 5 hours once a month to see my mates & my man xP, screwing around on the comp and reading this site....
    I'm not obsessed xP
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    Cashier x.x
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    Coldplay, Airbourne Toxic Event, Madina Lake (<3!!!), USS (Ubiqutous Synergy Seeker) The Beatles, Franz Ferdinand, Metric, MGMT, No Doubt, Paramore, Rise Against, 3OH!3 and other randomness...
    And of course Muse xP
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    Across the Universe, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, modern Romeo & Juliet, Band of Brothers, American History X, Pan's Labryinth,
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    Grey's Anatomy, SYTYCD, CSI, Criminal Minds
    Yeah thats about it
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    Harry Potter, Twilight, His Dark Materials, Inkheart/spell/death, Garth Nix, Kate Moss, Jane Austin etc etc.... I read far too much to list
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    Random 1-8
    Origin of Symmetry
    Black Holes and Revelation
    The Resistance

    Hullabaloo (DVD + Soundtrack)
    Absolution Tour
    HAARP (CD + DVD)

    Absolution 12"
    Origin of Symmetry 12"
    Invincible - Glorious Single 7"
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    Edmonton 03/29/10
    Calgary 03/30/10
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  2. Pip, I could kiss you! Thank you so much! <3
  3. Hmmm I didn't even think about that, but it would be a good idea. Couple changes of clothes and basic toiletries would fit quite easily in my little backpack. I believe St. Pancras has luggage lockers right?
  4. Pip, I forgot to ask! What are you lot doing with your bags? Dropping them at the hotel before running to the show or bringing them with you? I won't be getting to Paris until 8ish that night, I dunno if I have time to drop them at the hotel
  5. Hey you! I tried to track down Tom after the Calgary show but he was GONE as soon as the lights went up, but I gave your pictures to a security guard who promised me she would pass them along to the band/their crew members. Hope you had a great time
  6. Originally Posted by Pip Yes, that's Kaitland Hey guys Sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to doing much live tweeting during my two gigs. Aside from cursing the return of Feeling Good
  7. Ahhhh that would make sense. I thought Bonnaroo was in August for some reason. I think he meant there may be one in August. I can't imagine they would jump over for a festival in the middle of the stadium tour.
  8. I immediately thought Lollapalooza, but they just played that in 2010. I can't imagine they'd go back so soon hey? Bonnaroo perhaps? The radio station that did this interview (my staple station at work ) puts on a mini 1 day festival the first weekend in September every year. Considering the amount of insane ass kissing they've done regarding Muse since The 2nd Law came out, I have to wonder. Miniscule chances probably, but I bet they're trying/have tried to get Muse.
  9. The crowd/attendance numbers were embarassing. My boyfriend got asked to sit down in Calgary as well. I don't get that... people, you are at a rock show. HAVE FUN WITH IT. All in all a GREAT gig
  10. Very hardcore friends I have ;P Oh that's fantastic! Definitely will make like piles easier for us then Definitely will have to!!
  11. Okies! I will most likely be in some sort of brightly coloured pants. Pink or Blue most likely ;P Chances are we'll be the only ones there that early anyways. Hopefully that is... beat down the rest of the competition haha. SAME HERE! My other 'die-hard' friends are all "So we'll be there for 4?" and I look at them like their insane. No, to hell with that. This is the closest we'll ever get to them, so I'm definitely taking full advantage of that. I wouldn't stress too much about getting the tickets before you get into the queue. I don't think the box office even opens up before 4? Yeah there will be one! I need to make a pitstop at Walmart or something and grab some material and markers for it. Thanks for the reminder
  12. Fair enough I shall definitely see you there! I love queueing. I've made tons of friends that way
  13. I'm unsure on the time as of right now. Probably between 11-12. The entrance by the box office, have to pick up my tickets AND it's closer to the floor entrance What about you?
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