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  1. Merry Holidays to you too Luna!! :kiss:

  2. If you love Jake and/or Anne, very much yes! If not it's an okay movie. I thought it was good. A good "chick-flick" like people say.

  3. Oh I never saw that movie. Is it good?

  4. Oh cruel world! :LOL:


    But it's unfair how they're all ready to show nude women in full but there is some sort of taboo about men. Which is stupidly sexist :/

  5. Well you know those movies, they're so good at hiding treasury stuff. So I'm expecting butt shots, but frontal? I don't think so :chuckle:


    Can't wait!

  6. Pantless too.


    But we got Love And Other Drugs now, don't we! Plenty of nakedness and stuff as they keep saying. Planning to go see it this week-end, although I have to travel a bit to see it since English movies in English are getting harder and harder to find over here.

  7. Isn't he the most beautiful creature ever? :awesome:

  8. Oh, because there's this option, it says: "signalez ou bloquez cette personne", which means "report or block this person", so I thought... But I don't know, I've never tried it.


    But it's okay, Facebook ain't that good anyhow, it's the biggest encyclopedia of humans and if it falls in the wrong hands we're all doomed.

  9. No effing way :stunned::mad: I'm really sorry to hear that... :( Did you report those people?

  10. Hey, I've noticed you disappeared on facebook? :stunned:


    Oh and 2001: A Space Odyssey is AMAZING :eek:

  11. Well hello there, so you want Alexis' msn? :happy:

  12. Hey, sorry for leaving last night without saying anything, internet failed >.<

  13. :LOL: Well I'm going to bed now, for real. After this song. :p
  14. Lack of sleep the night before, got up to me. :p But I'm okay now. Well no, it's late, I should go to beeed.


    Chat ain't fun though?

  15. Hehe, thanks, I like it a lot as well :p


    I'm fine, a bit mad I got up at 3 PM, but oh well. And you?

  16. THANK YOU!!!! :kiss:

  17. :happy: Yeah, I'mma go to bed soon, my lack of sleep is starting to give me a headache. I know, probably soon I will come back for a little while.
  18. Hey, I,m fine, I'm officially in my summer holidays :) And nah, I don't have new videos. How are you?

  19. Hi :) I'm fine, but very tired, I've been drawing for three hours straight. Imma go to bed now :) Good night :kiss:

  20. Why thanks :) It comes from a trading card game, Magic The Gathering, I was a huge fan before (still am, but I barely play anymore, since all my friends with whom I used to play don't play anymore) Anyway, that game has amazing artworks, and I often visit their site just to get me some wallpaper of those artworks. :) And of course I remember you! :happy:

  21. It's going on... yourself? How you doing?

  22. Of course we can talk dear :happy: If you don't find me on msn, PM me.

  23. Yeah better except tonight. I've completely forgot about a super important homework, and now I'm late in every fucking thing in school. Ugh. And here's another 5 hour sleep night. YAY. Anyway, I'm off to bed. G'night. :kiss:

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