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    Italian but living in London. I'll come back and finish my biography later.....:)
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    wrinting, painting, reading
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    No need to ask...Muse of course and Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
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    too many!!!!!
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    doctor who, Misfits, Being Human, True Blood, Supernatural
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    The time traveller's wife, shadow of the wind and many others
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    All the CD's....
    Muscle Museum vynil
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    looking forward to my first one hopefully in 2009 :)
    Yep I'll be in Wembley 11/09/10...
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  1. It reminds me of a muse song: "and I'm waiting patiently for a sign".... Â Many thanks for your effort and for the Xmas present ...I was lucky enough to be there on the 11/09.... Â Many, many thanks again!!! Â Manu
  2. Nope... I cannot stand or listen to any Muse songs sang by others..It's kind of appalling:mad: MB has a different style and voice which is almost impossible to copy...The change of style makes things even worst...But maybe that's just me moaning
  3. Thanks a million for that!!! Unfortunately the videos I have are all rubbish... Looking forward to see your DVD!!!!
  4. OMG WUAOOOOO Thanks a lot!!!! My videos are rubbish that's because my camera was new and didn't know how to properly use it :$ So thanks for uploading.... Shame that good things go so quickly....:'(
  5. Thank you for saying what I wanted to say...Yes it's all about the music and the message....It's all about their music living in my soul and playing in my heart over and over again and I thank them for that because that's a great gift... But as I said in an other post we are humans and unfortunately we're never happy.... I was lucky to be there and flying with the notes and the voice of Muse was EPIC. Thank you Manuela
  6. Great, great GIG....I've already posted yesterday soon after...I cannot believe that there are still people complaining...It's true we Humans are never ever happy... Anyway I had the time of my life and everything was Epic even the drank Chinese who kept bumping on me...and up Until my camera died... Looking for Unnatural selection.... video anyone??? PLEASEEEEE
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