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    Jan 26 2010 - Big Day Out, Melbourne
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    May 9th 2016 - Vienna, Austria
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  1. I sent you a message on facebook.
  2. i agree, i really love the song but that performance was kinda boring. the crowd werent really into it either, i was the only person near me with their arms in the air Yeah, seemed to me that some people hadn't realised it had started.
  3. Woo. Had a lovely time last night and can't wait for Friday to do it all again! xD xD Saw Pip & Co (I was the blonde sitting next to you for the line up) and met some lovely people while waiting. I met olliemuse in the queue after we moved to sit next to the gates, and spent the gig with him. xD We were barrier left, where the moving platform was when stationary and that was excellent view - we could see just about everything on the stage except when they went far right. I'm going to try for the same spot but on the right for Friday. Was soo happy we got Butterflies and Citizen. <3 I just want Bliss now and I can die happy. xD The wait wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but I think I'm going to steal Pip's blow up chair idea for Friday 'cause my back was hurting before we went in and I could bearly walk on the way out.
  4. I'm sure you'll get some passed along to you... I know I won't need 60. xD xD xD Aaand, Hostel internet is almost run out, and very expensive. Maybe back later, if not, hope to see some of you tomorrow. xD
  5. /delurking due to excitement. I've spent the afternoon walking around Manchester grinning like an idiot. Bought 60 glowsticks to add to the campaign. xD Not quite sure how I'm going to sleep tonight. The poundland in the big shopping centre in central manchester still had loads of glowsticks when I was there ~2:30ish.
  6. Last Wednesday went to Dracula's restraunt & cabaret in Melbourne and they were playing BH&R in the gift shop after the show. Had a bit of a chat to the girl in the shop re: Muse too. Her boyfriend is a big fan apparently. Staying downstairs in the giftshop to listen instead of going to the bar.
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