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    I'm Crazy, Fun, Outgoing, I Love Pizza And Red Wine.
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    Art,Music,Photography, Horse Riding, Cooking
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    Barmaid & a Chef
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    Snow Patrol, The Killer's, Kings Of Leon, James, Paramore, Wombat's, Pink, Queen
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    Saw 1,2,3, Twilight, Hollween 1,2, Underworld 1,2,3
    Seven Pound's, Midnight Meat Train, Hostel 1, Queen Of The Damned.
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    X Factor,Ready Steady Cook, Music Channel's, Demon's, Charmed 1 to 8, Harry Hill's Tv Burp, American Idol, Crimmal Mind's
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  1. cooome baaack. i agree with ilovematt

  2. Why hasn't Siane been voted SEXIEST FEMALE MUSER?!? :eek: She's soooooooooooo gorgeous!

    More so than Aurora and that Guitaralogist girl! :yesey:



  3. happy birthday siane :awesome:

    we all miss you

  4. Where have you been all my life. Perfect

  5. Hey Hey hows life? Hope all is well. Keep on whipping.

  6. Happy birthday Siane -hugs-

    have a good day you gorgeus person :happy:

  7. I haven't seen you in a long time dear :kiss:

  8. Aww we missed each other by 4 hrs :yesey:

  9. u left rather quick last nite,talk 2 u soon

  10. Mmm never seem to get to chat with you much anymore..... hope your all good sweetie :D

  11. intersting photos,u r starting 2 scare me lol,talk 2 u soon

  12. I've been taking the occasional snap but i've lost my vim for it since it became a criminal offence to take pics of certain things in the UK. Kinda puts you off. :(

  13. Hello been a while... How's you and your afro? :D

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