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  1. That's really great. And I agree with you on the idea oof inviting critical thought. My American History teacher was the most demaning, brutal, and engaging teacher I'd ever had, and really got us to take thoughts as far as they could go. He impacted my life quite considerably. My ethics professor did in college as well. I definitely support teaching as being a place to be deeply subversive and socratic, asking questions of your students and valuing a well argued point more than a right answer. I love those subjects too because there is no right answer. The strength of the argument is all that matters.


    Man I miss school. I just hated homework.

  2. This. All of this. Something worked when the scope, at least lyrically, was deeply personal. The arch, titanic clash of histrionic emotion gave a super-hereoan feel to mundane wounds. Muse took universal human pains and rocketed them up into Greek Myth. But then they start to make political statements and just get unbearably lazy. The idea make sense on paper, but it seems like they couldn't decide between an artistic statement or a fun heavy riff. They knew they'd make money. They've gotten deeply, deeply lazy.
  3. Woops, we project to be out in the new year (2018)****

  4. I moved from Florida to Tennessee and play in a band now! We're called Adjy. Currently working on recording our first big-kid full-length record, which we project to be out in May. It's an overwhelming process, but I've never had so much meaning and direction in my whole life.

    I never finished school, though now that I'm 25 I wonder if I should. It just never really plan on working a desk job of any sort so I can't justify the cost. But if I did go back, I'd want to finish in music composition or American History as well!


    I too have become an acolyte of the church of coffee... Never thought I would, but a banana, a black coffee, and a liter of water makes me feel *so damn good*.

  5. Muse, a group whose music was formative and dear to me, have become an awful and ridiculous joke of a band. Drones is one of the worst records I've ever heard, and would have done much better as a well argued anthology of essays on modern violence, injustice, and criminal dehumanization via the Empire, broadly defined. The whole mechanism of Muse's music is the mythic grandiosity they give to human emotion. Heartbreak becomes worlds exploding. An anxiety attack becomes an alien invasion. A guitar becomes a weapon of righteous and divine light. F*** yeah. I feel that. All of humanity feels that. Thats why Ovid, Homer, the Genesis narrative, the Epic of Gilgamesh. That stuff was pop back in the day. It makes sense that a rock band would key into these themes and mythicize them so viscerally. After all... Wikipedia did/does define Muse as "space rock", so the Cosmos have some bearing. For me, Drones fails--at what could have been a subtle and masterful allegory between an increasingly objectivizing and controlling relationship and the ever more absurd reality of the citizen of the Empire--because of 1) the lack of ingenuity and invention or even a sense of life in the music (it is, maybe on purpose, Dead Inside) and 2) its deeply uncreative and hamfisted conceptual approach on the lyrical front. If Muse want a revolution, they've done nothing to engender it. The upheaval and anarchism is polished into toothless, top-shop sloganeering by Mutt Lange and the band's own increasingly nausea-inducing tendencies toward butt rock. They've embraced their corporatism. They are a money machine and they know it. Maybe im particularly upset because the ideas at the core of most of Muse' music are things I agree with: Caesar is a brutish gangster mascarading as a messiah. Hail Caesar. I keep hoping that there's this genius behind it, some archly meta reading of this album, either distilled on purpose by Matthew Bellamy or somehow wrought through his fame-addled brain by the Hand of God... Perhaps Drones is an art piece about how the State can co-opt and defang revolutionary sentiments and pitch them back at the public, so the people feel all the righteousness of uprising and resistance, but still go back to their imperial, tax-paying, murder-funding lives. They wear N.W.A. T-shirts to their cushy, bourgeois desk jobs. Panem et Circum.
  6. What the hell... Coming back here after so long is like a time warp.


    How are you? Do you still haunt around here?

  7. Oh Sippe, don't try to defend them. The boredom was evident even in their newer songs. He played the Resistance without touching his guitar.
  8. Muse came to Tampa Bay, Florida. I took my 17 year-old brother, who also knows every word to every song. We were the only real fans in the stands I think. Point is, the show, at the time was great... but then I realized this. Matthew Bellamy looks like he's fucking bored with his own music. They played New Born with almost no enthusiasm. There was little to no excited improvisation and riffing. Just note for note replications of the record. Has being a father sapped of his energy? Does he even like being a dad? Does he even like Kate? I think he's having an almost mid-life crisis, honestly. This used to be the psychotic bastard who only back in 2006 did his crazed WAAAAA YA YA YAOOOW war cry during HAARP's Time is Running Out. He used to shuffle dance. He used to babble on about weird shit. Matt... where the fuck are you? You are not the 6th member of Take That.
  9. Second year of studying Recording Arts Technology at university, drinking wine (right now is a good example), I try to stay zen and find ways to continue to shirk responsibilities and enjoy life.

  10. Whatchu dern these days?

  11. Old. And tired.



  12. Remember back in the day?




    No we didnt.

  13. I didnt even know you changed your username <3

  14. I do totally feel you on the fact that many of the people there have probably only heard of them since Uprising. My brother and I were in the stands signing all the old songs, and there were people around us looking really confused.
  15. You totally noticed that they played New Born at a slower tempo than usual right? They must have been really tired... it was nearing the end of the set anyway...
  16. I've been waiting since two-thousand-god-damn-six to see Muse live and they definitely delivered last night, didn't they? My only complaint is that I think Panic Station is a stupid song, and THEY DIDN'T PLAY BLISS (as previously mentioned) OR PLUG IN BABY. WAT. HOW DO YOU DO A MUSE SET WITHOUT PLUG IN BABY. Also, I think everyone will have noticed this, they didn't do a lot of their outro-riffing. I *kinda* feel like I missed out on the Muse of four years ago, who were still very much a young, rising rock band with something to prove. But now they've sold out Wembley Stadium how many times? So it's like they're just like "fuck it, we can do whatever we want." Also Bellamy's been frequently taking the mic out of the stand and walking around with it as he gestures profoundly. I saw a video where he even played guitar on Follow Me, and now he just doesn't? I wonder how much of the show is automated at this point... it's almost a little disconcerting.
  17. THEN MAYBE THE ARGUMENT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE GAHARHGKASJDT Honestly I was confused too. Can someone remind me why the fuck we decided that Supremacy and Unsustainable might be the two tracks in the trailer?
  18. Bit late, but I am reading through the beginning of the thread: Popey was speaking with regards to the notion of Supremacy and Unsustainable being the two songs heard in the trailer due to the proximity of their respective scores in this photo. http://www.musewiki.org/images/Tumblr_m4ucvt9yY71qf3q3xo1_r1_1280.jpg Coming from a recording background, I can fully attest to Popey's point. When you've hired a bunch of session musicians who each have their own commitments and schedules, it's only professionally courteous to track their parts in the shortest amount of time possible. Put simply, they probably tracked all the strings for the album in a period of about 3-5 days and then mixed it down later, not called the musicians in for each song. Therefore, Supremacy and Unsustainable are likely unrelated in anyway, and I doubt we even have heard a note of Supremacy. Besides, the song in the trailer is in the same key all the way through, even the dubstep part.
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