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  1. So where do you live again?

  2. I will maybe go to germany in 2011, then college-possibly-in the UK

  3. I live in America, leaving august 20th to taiwan

  4. Amazing!! That actor that plays jasper- he's gay in real life. I'm going to taiwan for my student exchange!!!

  5. Have you heard of The Used?

  6. Thats awsome, Doctor- sounds really n-i-c-e.;) I can't stand the sight of blood. Drinking is bad.:noey: Do you need an intervention???:mad: I care about your health even though I don't even know you. But then again the rules aren't the same as it is in the U.S. We are not allowed to drink until we are 21.I'm not sad though too many people drink and drive- idiots.

  7. Ya I did, yay:), but all I need to do now is learn how to put the background on it and put a bunch of pictures on it. Thats where my friends come in to help me.

  8. OMG! I actually caught you online!:D:D

  9. Hello!:D

    May I befriend you??:)


  10. I literally looked around my math class looking for someone to answer my English question and realized not a single person in there was smarter than me- besides the teacher. Scaaary. *shivers*
  11. Well just to say, first of all I'm 100% straight, I think guys are hot and fine- of course only if they really are gorgeous, like Eddie Redmayne and Robert Pattinson :kiss::D. Global affairs for me would Include the Earth.I don't know what I sound like when I say this but when I grow up I want to dedicate my life to helping the Earth. Help come up with new inventions to reduce the humans carbon print, observe animal behavours, things like that. Moving on, I guess I am average weight, have you seen my album? I really like skinny jeans, but I don't think you have to be anorexic skinny to fit into them. You being bi, well I do know two gay guys and I guess you could say we're friends- they're both really nice.What's a chav?? Not put me off, I can be open to new concepts (I am not going gay though - hell no- just thought to let you know ) , I have only met one person so far -in my life- who is bi, kind of attractive, scale 1-10, about a 6 1/2, that was in 7th grade though. Different school now. Really? Trouble maker? To be honest I'm not a big fan of guys who purposely get themselves in trouble all the time. I know there is this one guy in my Manufacturing and Processing class and he honetly would look better as a nerd, instead of someone posing to be a 'gansta'- hehe that word makes me laugh:LOL:. You don't do drugs, right? Be honest. Umm, I should upload my photos, I got my hair cut shorter. I would love to get skinny jeans with patterns on them and different colours. Someone has black and purple checkered skinny jeans- they're freakin' sweet, along with hot pink skinny jeans. My friend Jordan (girl) hangs out with the goth emo kids you could say sort of outcasts. Another bi guy hangs out with them, saw him make out with another guy- mentally scared for life:facepalm:-sorry. Have you heard of Masterpiece Theatre? How about the actor Tom Hardy? On www.pbs.com it says this guy is a total "Heartthrob" but he's not that attractive - not as attractive as Eddie Redmayne. Sorry but eversince I've seen Tess of the D'Ubervilles on Masterpiece theatre, I can't stop gushing over him- He played as Angel. Oh and if you think he's attractive, you don't have to tell me. Oh, I should tell you that I am also very clumsy, I fall all the time and I spill and break everything. I broke eight drinking glasses in a month and I trip over my own feet- its pretty bad. I tried to send this as a private message but the computer said it was too long. :DWhat else do you want to know besides the fact that this message is very,very,very long?:LOL:

  12. When I say world interests, ya I guess you can also call them global affairs. Of course you live in England. :rolleyes: Well, how to start out, hmmmm. I do live in Nebraska - where it is snowing and below 0 Degrees. I wish my friends lived close by so I could visit their house, I can't drive and I wouldn't want to walk in this weather. Instead I read- which I do often- Stephenie Meyer is an awesome author. I can be really shy and quiet, I am usually my loud self around my friends and at home- I am Very loud at my house. I want to help the world "Save the Enviroment" .School is boring and I can't wait until I become a foreign exchange student for my sophmore year (2009-2010)- I don't know where I'm going, because the rotary club hasn't informed me, but I want to go to Germany. They have this thing where they don't send you to english speaking countries- England was my top choice. If I could I would buy all the skinny jeans and band T-shirts in the world, along with converse.:D If you don't mind me asking, gender?I think I have a pretty good guess but I want to clerify.

  13. Well Miyazaki is a movie producer guy, he draws for anime movies and is a really good artist. Just thought his name might ring a bell.

  14. Ha, ha , ha!:LOL: I can definately laugh at your biography. So what are you like? What kind of world interests catch your attention? What do you do in your free time? And are like half of these people who live around the world, in Europe and Asia, instead of being stuck in a boring country like America? If you are I am soos jealous- I want to get out of Nebraska.

  15. Hmmm, well I like certain kinds of chocolate. I can't eat it in the morning and Butterfinger is my favorite- I dislike the taste of Hersheys chocolate and chocolate covered pretzals(hope i spelt that right) are gross. I like string cheese and think that bleu cheese is Disgusting- Yuck!! I like pizza better, mmmmmmmm( well at the moment, I've been craving pizza for some reason).:D

  16. Hey, Hello, Halllo!! :D Did you get my message that I sent you? Just asking because you didn't respond back which means I need - want- to write another message so you don't think I am totally ignoring you- which I'm not.:happy:

  17. Cool, I actually found them through Twilight. It's a good thing Stephenie Meyer loves this band, because they really are a really good - great- band. So I can say the first song I heard from them would be 'Time is Running out' and that was about 2 years ago.:)

  18. Well I was looking at the people who were currently on this forum, the whole list of people, and I said to myself "Well I'll just randomly click on a user" and BAM! Thats how I found you. Nice story huh?:LOL:

  19. Here is another video for the trailer of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea:

    The main character in this story is a little boy named Sasuke. O_o

  20. Helloooooo! Nice to meet you! So, when was the first time you heard Muse??

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