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    Single, seeking Male or Female, looking for friendship and maybe more...

    Oh right, not that type of info...


    Erm... Forget i said any of that...
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    Do you really want to know that...? Didnt think so...
  • Interests
    Talking about random, pointless crap to random, pointless people...

    And just generally embarassing myself and making myself look like a prick without meaning to...

    Wow, no wonder im so popular...
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    Living, eating & breathing Muse... Its the only thing im qualified for...
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    OMG, i cant stand Muse...

    Yeah, im a bad liar... =P

    Avenged Sevenfold
    Bullet for My Valentine
    Enter Shikari
    My Chemical Romance

    EMO FTW...!!!
  • Favourite Films

    By enjoyed do you mean you actually had to watch it...?
  • Favourite TV Shows

    Best. Show. EVA...!!!

    And anything off E4...
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    Who reads...?
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Black Holes & Revelations
    Origin of Symmetry
    Most of the B-sides

    So basically all of them...
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    *stares blankly at screen*
  1. The_poison is only thirteen he doesn't have a girlfriend don't if he's bi he Neva drunk and after Reading this you'll also know he's liar

  2. Thanks, i feel so special now... :)


    No im alright with my drinking, and i dont drive yet anyway. :stunned:


    And i don't know what the rules are like in America anyways... :(

  3. Thats awsome, Doctor- sounds really n-i-c-e.;) I can't stand the sight of blood. Drinking is bad.:noey: Do you need an intervention???:mad: I care about your health even though I don't even know you. But then again the rules aren't the same as it is in the U.S. We are not allowed to drink until we are 21.I'm not sad though too many people drink and drive- idiots.

  4. Me...? But i'm the most honest, trustworthy person like... EVA...!!! :p


    Try one of those victim group thingies... It helped me get over it... :p

  5. I donte trust you

    well the cyber rape for one!!!!!!!!

  6. What do you mean by yet...? :stunned:


    And come on, more details about your "trouble" please...! ;)


    You've had cyber...? And you didn't tell me...?! :(

  7. :D


    Like very young children begin to come on to me

    and I am cyber raped!


    trouble with everyone, myself


    i am single *looks to the floor in disappointment*


    I wont flirt with you yet, just FYI :p

  8. Ooooo yeah she knows... She was the one flirting :p




    So you do like it then if your getting uncomfortable...? ;)


    Trouble with who exactly...? You said you were single :stunned:


    *stares at floor in disappointment*

  9. Lol does your girlfriend KNOW about your internets flirtings :p


    I have to stop, its getting me into trouble and uncomfortable situations :LOL:

  10. Why...? :stunned:


    Dont stop... :p

  11. Hahaha


    I need to stop flirting so much anyway


    *slaps self*

  12. Oh come on you luv it really... :p


    She doesnt mind, its only random internet flirting... ;)

  13. you have a girlf!!!


    so no winky, aye?

  14. Ooooooo... I likey :p


    Looking for anyone...? ;)

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