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  1. They've also removed audio from nearly all of the Uno videos, which I thought was strange given it's not exactly new, is it?
  2. To be fair Stormont is going to shit at the minute so I think Newsline/UTV are more focused on that, haha. I think it will be in the Thursday print because the tickets went on sale then, and there was prob something in Monday's print as a review. Try the Tele fb page, and the Love Belfast page - they def had something on it!
  3. UTV and Belfast Tele among others had posts about it on their fb pages, and radio stations mentioned it too. I was towards the back of the hall, and all I heard was something about 1979 and then 'the Troubles'. My friend and I were a bit lolwut and a couple of people joked 'awkwaaard' but that's it. Lets tuck our ovaries back in and move on. Still over the moon with the set we got.
  4. I did go into the biggest rage, haha. I have never been that cross at a Muse gig! I expected it to all go to shit after that, UD etc. Thankfully that was not the case. My twitter makes good reading on reflection this morning, hahah.
  5. I really liked it but it goes on for ages haha, outro is good and the vids aren't doing it a lot of justice, it's heavier IRL. Oh and Psycho is brill live. So he says! You know what he's like though, never take him at face value lol I saw an copy of tonight's set earlier on and Assassin wasn't actually on it...pity though because what he did play was perfect!
  6. I was so, so cross that he backed out. Still gutted just thinking about it but such is life, it was an epic set aside from that!
  7. Basically Matt said he had read the hashtag on twitter #AssassinForBelfast and he tried it, gave it three attempts then backed out. He said they'll have it sorted for when they come back here on the tour. It wasn't a 'teaser' as such, I genuinely think he bailed because he wasn't sure if he'd mess it up or not. He looked verrrrrry nervous at points, esp before Reapers - lots of deep breaths. Also re: The Troubles stuff - it was Matt who had a family member shot (his uncle, I think). I think a lot of it was lost in translation because of the chatting in the crowd so all we heard was something about the Troubles in 1979 and then Uprising started. It was a little awkward but sure, no harm was meant. Best Muse gig I have ever been to and I'm glad we missed the garbage of TR and T2L.
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