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  1. As it happens YOU were involved when I got my last warning in 2012. I just think that it was a statement that maybe could have had a bit more thought put into it, as the other reactions would suggest. I live in NI so I've got the Irish Sea to cross on my way there, haha. I did consider going last week however at such a late point it would have been too expensive. In terms of the set, I'm not bothered as the only song on it I'm yet to see is The Handler.
  2. It was at least an hour/hour and a half before things started running smoothly at Glasto given the storm took over half an hour to move on. The rain was biblical. It wasn't actually a powercut that caused the shut down, lightning hit the top of the pyramid stage and the whole lot was stopped from a health and safety point of view. As a result the other acts were on late and their slots were cut.
  3. That's a real shame too because it's one of my fave parts of the entire song. It's the bit that's always stuck in my head. I think he'll bail on it most of the time, it sounded pretty weak in the soundcheck. Guiding Light, Explorers, UD, Save Me.
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