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  1. We booked our tickets at the Italian Ticketmaster page. (Several months ago though). Tickets need to be picked up at box office. Anyone here with any experience on that? What do we need to bring? What time? box office is situated in front of the venue?
  2. I got tickets for Ziggo Dome. Great venue for this band. Had to skip Goffertpark, Nijmegen due to my holiday. So bought tickets for Rome, Stadio Olympico. Was a big suprise that they are coming back to the Netherland to be honest.
  3. Jesus, that was intense. I saw on twitter that someone posted an e-mail adress for asking for the codes. They emailed me the code at 9:59....... Just in time for 2 tickets. Sorry for all the people who didn't received theirs. Good luck with general sale.
  4. They skipped me when sending the presale codes. So none for me ☹️
  5. Algorithm (av) could be the soundtrack of an epic movie.
  6. - falling down - screenager - intro (couldn't select a song which i didn't like...) - soldiers poem - i belong to you - explorers - drones
  7. showbiz - showbiz - sunburn - uno Oos - micro cuts - bliss - plug in baby absolution - hysteria - the small print - time is running out black holes - assassin - map of the problematique - exo-politics resistance - uprising - unnatural selection - exogenesis 1 the 2nd law - supremacy - survival - animals drones - the handler - mercy - psycho
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