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  1. Thanks for your help! I checked out the millenium bypass with led. I don't think I really got it tho... but maybe just getting a little 3pdt on-on switch will be easier as I will be able to simply follow my diagram. (It's the musikding version). To wait until it arrives. I will just skip the led bit and use its 3 legs to follow the most important part...the fuzz!
  2. I know right But I finally found the guts to do it yesterday and the strings are well aligned. Even better: I didn't had to compensate with the tom to get it perfectly tuned! As for the electronics, I went a little psycho with two spsd on-on switches to coil tap the humbucker and replicate the look of the sustainer switches... other than that 1 volume, 1 tone and a 3 pos toggle nothing too fancy. The little led turns on when the fuzz is on so that's pretty cool. the action is pretty low and no buzz. I'm glad I followed your adices about the neck guys. used to be a gfs paddle one. Really comfy to play! Now the problem Even if the fuzz is functionnal, I can't get it to work as a on-board fx. Do someone know how I could manage to get it to work true-bypass style with a on-on DPDT switch (six metal legs behind) I'm currently brain-storming to try to sort this problem out. would it work to connect all the wires as they would be interracting normally with a footswitch in "on" position (9 legs) and use one of the two rows of connections to choose wether or not the 9v is in the circuit and the other row would take care of the hot signal going through the fuzz of bypassing it. not sure if it's understandable. Pretty difficult to explain electronic sh*t in your second language...
  3. I totally forgot to post the process but here it is after being strongly delayed because a fly crashed itself in the fresh clearcoat... http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/30/1437901088-20150726-105225.jpg Almost impossible to notice the orange peel I tried to replicate with hammerite underneath on photo http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/30/1437901301-20150726-105312.jpg
  4. thanks! Well for now, it's a gfs little killer that's going in neck pos but maybe on a future upgrade? Other than that, I'll post photos of the actual state of the paintjob in a few hours after the coat dryed.
  5. okay! Exams are over an endless amount of free time is ahead and I got wood! I will use a big ass piece of walnut. I had it from a 70years old tree that got cut three years ago. I still have 3 logs of it. I squared the plank with my router and a jig and cut out the shape. I then had it flush with the tamplate I made using my router. after routing the main compartiment of the electronic cavity, I felt like sanding the bevels of to relax a little bit. then I got done the thing that scared me the most along with the neck pocket and the fuzz routing... Not perfect but pretty good! almost like a glove As I mentionned the fuzz factory, I need a battery box to prevent me from unscrewing the whole thing everytime it runs out of juice. and here we go: another crucial part: take a deep breath...flip the body and blow in the mess... pickups fit nicely after taking the corners down a bit. next step: the fuzz routing!
  6. lol, didn't understood it that way yeah, these studies are harsh, congrats on getting through them! It feels like torture but it's awesome at the same time hopefully, I'll put my thread out of this "off topic" state by the end of the week end with templates for the body, the pickups holes and the cavity helped by cad drawings as advised. The neck pocket will wait until I actually got the neck. EDIT: I visited my friend. other than that I didn't quite found time to start yet. Eden necks are a little better than I expected. They look pretty nice but apparently they need quite a bit of fret leveling to be 100% operationnal. I looked at what warmoth had. And there's a decent amount of non inlayed neck. Including strat style that have enough room to carve a moc shape. It sure is expensive but as I compared my replica's warmoth neck with the eden one...I think it worth it! can't wait to get all the templates ready to rock and roll!
  7. Sorry for what? ^^ i'm still in first year so it's not like it means anything
  8. You couldn't be more right I did an individual thread to try and get a maximum of feedback. As I already have some really good axes, the number one purpose of this build is improvement in my luthery ability! so feel free to make constructive criticism I'm happy to hear that gfs pickups aren't bad neil. I think I'll go with fat pat in bridge and lil puncher in neck. for the eden necks, I will check out the one my friend bought after the exams are over. (i'm in architecture btw) but so far the main downside was that they didn't fitted fender neck pocket. I don't know, I never saw as many divergent reviews as for this particular brand lol
  9. Thanks for the the buch of advices I kinda predicted the sustainer wasn't a particularly good idea. I'll probably forget that idea and put a rail pickup instead. As for the scaling, I know the scale lenght is insanely important, I made the template for shape, cavity and pickup placement only. I already printed it and "tested" it with a broken humbucker I had lying around and if I route the pickup placement this size it'll be snug. I'll just make sure the 12th fret is halfway between the bridge and the nut. that sould be right hopefully (?) speaking of the quality, I know it's not ideal to cut down the price... but I already made a replica last year mahogany body, gotoh hardware, cts pots, switchcraft switches, bare knucle nailbomb and an actual fernandes sustainer. I'm not ready yet to throw away that much cash again but I got stung by the luthery bug and kinda want to do more without spending too much. (in case I fuck it up ) Do you think gfs pickups sounds decent enough tho? And where could I find an inlayfree neck without spending more than 150~200 euros on it?
  10. Hi everyone I Though it would be nice to plan a little project for summer holidays... I think I setteled on a more or less accurate replica of the black mansons. Now as said in the title, this build's budget is gonna be rather limited but i'm still aiming for a somehow good instrument... The parts I'm gonna use are the following: -eden paddle neck no inlays (i'll cut it manson style) -walnut or alder for the body -gfs/wilkinson hardware (i know...i know... ) -gfs fat pat humbucker as it seem to be reasonably close to the spirit of the mbk2 -now, the neck pickup is the BIG deal... I'm about to try to build my own sustainer as it doesn't look that complicated once you can solder and blindly follow a wiring diagram I just went and did a template for a mattocaster body, the one with a sightly smaller butt than the kaoss ones I'd say it's close to 98% accurate everything by photoshop from pictures taken deadstraightfrontfacingbullseye. The cavity shape belongs to mb-1 and is placed as accurately as possible. For everyone who would be intrested in the template, just send me a personal message with your email adress and I'll send you the psd. But I believe you'll have to print it from photoshop or it won't be the right dimention
  11. The little red one is great! congrats As i had a little free time and recieved a new tuners set, I though I could re-do the mirror on my headstock. I ended up reshaping it more accurately too! It's better than the last time, but maybe I'll strip it back off and do it a third time because of wierd tear-off on the mirror backing... I really don't know how they appeard tho . Appart from that, no more gaps between the mirror and the wood, and that's a great improvement! here are the damned flaws... and the neck shoved right in... I'll re-do the mirror aswell as soon as i'll get my ma2 classic
  12. MASSIVE progress on the lil mirror tele It's only my second done from "scratch" and is already much better than my first one ever (the m1d1) The woodwork part is waay more entretaining than all the finishing process. this place is so dead these days
  13. that helps greatly thanks! It's actually quite surprising it cracks in the way you show! I would have expected it to do the exact opposite So a wide piece of wood, half the lenght of my mirror top and about the half of the wideness of the "spiderweb" effect I want. Then I clamp my mirror top blank to this jig on the non rounded side. and apply the slowest steadiest pressure ever until I got dem cracks. sounds easy but I'm in foetal position inside Btw, for the back of the body, I found something intresting, a "stone textured" paint. It is supposed to make any surface looks like a piece of stone! It's a blue-greenish grey that will suit the "ROCK" spirit very well. The sample shown on the can sounds very promising;)
  14. Yeah, I remember this one. I guess you talked about this: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=88909&page=3 But I dont really understand what to do to get such a wide crack in all the lenght of the guitar. like, should the jig be the size of the acrylic sheet? backing or clear side against the jig? I don't quite understand the way i'm supposed to apply pressure aswell. I'll make a post when i'll get time to crack it up. All this story really needs to be clarified. It's like everybody knows but nobody tells
  15. I tried it once but, unfortunately, the illusion work only on small pieces... once you go bigger it becomes obvious that it's just a scratch. I'll try to clamp wood on the part I dont want to crack and bend it progressively. I was even thinking about LIQUID NITROGEN while it is slightly bended I may actually be stupid enough to work... EDIT: I got my giant mirror! I hope it'll get as good as this guy's 2ds screen http://i.imgur.com/HM7NY3b.jpg here's the perfect triangle we were talking about
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