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    Lord of the Rings( just AWSOME), Harry Potter, Disney Films, Star Wars, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before Chritmas, Edward Scissorhands, Toy Story( all 3)...
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    Showbiz, Hullaballoo, Origin of Symmetry, HAARP, Absolution, The Resistance, Muse posters, calander...
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    GLASGOW, SECC, 24/10/2012
  1. When I typed this into Google search it gave me a link that took me to the Muse Website shop that showed me this product but with no price or buy button. Will this product be on sale at all?
  2. It would be very cool!!! It would be a great souvenir of the concert you went to!!!
  3. During the stadium tours, cameras film the concert to be put on the big screens. Does anyone know if this footage is ever shown or can be watched back?
  4. At last my CD has arrived!!!!! I'm still furious about how long it took but right now i'm just soooo happy I have it!!!
  5. This is absolutely awful!!!! I've been waiting long enough to get this album and now i've had to wait even longer!!! Never ordering from muse.mu again and i'm hoping to get a full refund on my CD/DVD package!!!!:mad: I can go get it in HMV for £12 whereas it cost me £17.51 off of muse.mu for it to be late!!!! Sooooooo angry right now!!!!:mad:
  6. Just recieved my MUSE tickets today!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I am the happiest person alive!!!!:D I can't wait till the 24th of october!!!!
  7. I applied for my tickets off of the Muse website and got accepted! Does anyone know when we will get the tickets??? I'm just worried that I might not get them!!!
  8. I can't believe Muse are finally coming!! I just missed out on their last tour in Glasgow so I will definitly not miss out in this one!!! I'm sooooo excited:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  9. I got this crazy idea that MUSE could make up a song out of all the different songs they have already released!!!! Out of all the amazing tracks that they have already, what line would you want to see in this Ultimate Track????
  10. If Muse was to create a CD containing 14 of their greatest tracks of their career what would they be? (it can include b-sides)
  11. They should absolutely play here more. Their concerts are pactically sold out when they play here. The last time they where here was 2009...that was ages ago!!!! We can't wait any longer!!!
  12. Who else thinks David is the best Doctor EVER? He's got my vote!!!
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