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  1. Watching Bliss on Kerrang - probably 2003/04
  2. I like MK Ultra, but it feels very 'cold', probably the only Muse track that I'd describe in that way.
  3. For ages I've been very about The Small Print - like to the point whereby it wouldn't have made it into my top 75 Muse songs (might've just scrapped in the top 100 ahead of Execution Commentary & Overdue), however I did a full playthrough of Absolution a few days ago & suddenly really liked it again - for probably the first time in a decade or so. Now I'm not going to say it's anywhere near my favourites, but I'm wondering why I disliked it (relatively speaking, don't hate any Muse track) for so long...
  4. Overdue Plug in Baby The Small Print Exo-Politics USoE Save Me Revolt Let me address the controversial one - I used to love PiB & to an extent, I still like it (on any other album it wouldn't be the worst track), but I just find it very repetitive, basic, it doesn't 'fit' within the flow of OOS, overplayed, overrated, radio-friendly pop music. Something like Undisclosed Desire or Madness or Dead Inside might at first seem more like the typically description of "radio-friendly pop music", but in my estimation there's a level of craft & uniqueness in those tracks that is lacking in PiB. My opinions of most Muse tracks probably falls in line with the common consensus but PiB is a major exception.
  5. I feel you deserve a response yes, albums are better when considered complete works, especially a band like Muse. For example, Map of the Problematique is a far better song than Feeling Good - but I wouldn't consider changing the ordering on my iPod to remove Feeling Good from OOS & replace it with MotP. Each Muse album means something different to me, with most of them being the soundtracks to certain parts of my life (e.g BH&R was the soundtrack to my 6th form days), wouldn't quite be the same if the songs were released as individual works/collections of 3/4 track EPs, even though the actual musical content would be no different.
  6. Maybe Butterflies & Hurricanes - not sure there's another song that contains so many aspects of what makes Muse Muse. Probably wouldn't consider it one of my favourite 20 Muse songs however.
  7. 4th to 7th is easy in my estimation (bearing in mind that I love all the albums): 4th - Drones (a class above those below it, nowhere near those above it) 5th - The Resistance (some great tracks, some mediocre ones) 6th - The 2nd Law (a great idea, but falls a bit flat in places) 7th - Showbiz (lyrically weak, only a handful of standout tracks) The top 3 changes all the time for me. BH&R used to be a distant 3rd from the other two, but over time I've realised how good BH&R actually is - it has a level of maturity & assurance that is lacking from the other albums. Would still probably keep it 3rd though. Can't decide between Absolution & OOS. If you stuck a gun to my head I'd probably answer OOS.
  8. 1- Quote 3 songs you have discovered again in 2015 and which remain in head : - MK Ultra - Dark Shines (more or less ignored it for years) - Ruled by Secrecy 2- 3 songs you used to love but you don't listen to anymore (in 2015): Not sure there's any that I outright don't listen to any more, but I've gone off the following in recent times: - Plug in Baby - Explorers - T2L: Unsustainable 3- 3 songs you have listened to the most in 2015: Probably all songs off of Drones: - Reapers - The Handler - Dead Inside 4- 3 best lives of the year (full show): No idea - didn't go to a show & the only one I watched in full on TV/online was Big Weekend 5- 3 best songs live of the year: - Reapers (can't wait to hear it live in person) - Bliss (glad to see it more regularly on live sets) - Psycho 6- 3 best surprises of the year: - Drones in general - The return of some old favourites on live shows - Drones (the song) - not my favourite on the album by any means, but I was surprised how good an acapella prayer by Muse could sound 7- 3 disappointments of 2015: - Revolt (sorry) - The music videos have been a bit crap - The lack of media recognition/critical acclaim for the new album - I suppose it shouldn't really bother me. It doesn't help that Muse make tracks that often require multiple listens until you appreciate how good the music is. I guess reviewers & casual fans won't give them the time for the songs to grow on them. 8- 3 importantes dates of the year: - Whenever the lyric video for Reapers was released. Before that it was a mixed bag (Dead Inside & Mercy have grown on me a lot, but at the time I wasn't completely convinced) - Whenever the album was released - Whenever I bought tickets to see them in April 9- 3 wishes for 2016: I think all of these are pretty unlikely: - Citizen Erased to be played live when I see them in April (never heard it live) - A live album release - Hints of album #8 (I'm a greedy bastard ) 10- 3 things you'd like to say (10 is better than 9...) - BH&R continues to grow on me year after year. It's their most mature album I think it shows as I grow older that my opinion of the album grows with me. - Dead Inside is a ridiculously good pop song - Undisclosed Desries>>>>>>Plug in Baby *runs*
  9. Overdue Screenager The Small Print Exo-Politics USoE Save Me Revolt The only ones there I really dislike are Overdue & USoE, though TSP is wildly overrated. Save Me is just completely uninspiring. Screenager, Exo-Politics & Revolt are by default.
  10. Their recording of Lies has single-handedly gotten me into Chvrches
  11. Showbiz - Sober, Escape, Overdue - probably their worst on any album. Escape is good but Sober and Overdue are amongst their worst ever tracks. OOS - Screenager, Dark Shines, Feeling Good - 3 of the worst 4 songs on the album. Still like them all though, especially Dark Shines. Absolution - The Small Print, Endlessly, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - feel bad putting TOADA in here, but it was either that or B&H. BH&R - Assassin, Exo-Politics, City of Delusion - similar to the above, feel bad about including Assassin but Hoodoo can't possibly be included in any 'worst' list. The Resistance- United States of Eurasia, Guiding Light, Unnatural Selection - easy. T2L - Big Freeze, Save Me, Liquid State - I actually like Big Freeze, sorry Chris about the other two! Drones - Defector, Revolt, Aftermath - pretty easy choice.
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