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  1. its fine. wont get too crazy, especialy in the seats. Just enjoy the show. I remember 2-3 years ago these gigs threads would be like 200 pages long. Doesnt seem like that anymore. And if last night is any indication they'll be playing 10 songs from the 2nd law, so I can understand...
  2. Where do I get my tickets? I bought through the presale thing on the members page and have a charge from musictoday.com for $151.70 back on 10/10 but dont have a confirmation email or anything.
  3. Got the GA. The site is kinda weird, MUST do will call is lame so I bought two hoping someone wants to go. Glad they're back, but not totally excited...
  4. Hey folks - just posted TWO FLOOR TICKETS on MuseBay. Been a long time person on this board, just cant afford the $900 flight + hotel as I thought. So keeping in good karma, thought I'd give ya'll a chance before throwing them on ebay for $200 each PM me for more info.
  5. ^^ strong bump, hahahaha. I was actually just thinking about this gig a few weeks back. RATM in an interview said they wanted this to be a yearly type thing, but I havent heard anything else about it. period. To this day it was probably the best lineup Ill ever see in my life. Rage, rise against and muse on one stage and me in the front. wow.
  6. u mad? I've seen them 14 times in 6 different cities across the US, across 4 states & 2 countries. Maybe they realize that Ive spent damn near $3000 dollars on tickets since 2007 and take care of their loyal fans... I aint looking to tout, told you if I dont make it I'd sell for face (and I already have PMs) and if I do make it, well, see you at the meetup or on the floor.
  7. Holy crap, got 2 tickets. Email was buried DEEP in my spam folder, so look there if you havent yet. BTW: I live in Los Angeles and flights are $900 R/T so there is a greater chance of me NOT going than there is of making it. If I cant go I'll sell them on here for face value + shipping ($200 USD + maybe like $30 extra?). First emails to me will get first dibs IF I cant make it... wont know for another month or two.
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