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  1. I was very surprised to hear Knights of Cydonia on "93 X," a so called hard rock radio station. I also frequently listen to The Current which plays more indie stuff (but not just indie, all sorts of weird and cool stuff too-it's a locally owned station so no commercials, either!)-I've heard Supermassive Black Hole and others on there. I love that station.
  2. Yup, I'm dumb. Sooo...is it worth buying? I can't find it anywhere, and it's currently unavailable on Amazon.com, but I figured I'd keep trying...if it's worth it. So...what do you all think?
  3. ooooooh. I think I just answered my own question. I'm quite sure they are separate-there's a DVD and there's also the "soundtrack" which is what I have. Damn. Well, if I can find it for a reasonable price, I am SO getting the DVD! (Sorry for this pointless post...)
  4. Ok, so I just bought it the other day, and I thought that it's a 2 disc DVD set PLUS the second disc also contained DVD footage. Was I wrong? Is the Hullabaloo DVD a separate thing I'd have to buy? I tried playing the second disc in my DVD player, all excited to see Matt with his crazy hair, white suit and cane (lololol) but all it did was play the CD tracks. Someone help, please.
  5. I finally found Hullabaloo. I couldn't find it anywhere because we have no authentic (or at least good) music stores around here, and I even checked library listings-not a single library in my entire state owns it. So I bought it today! =D I LOOOOVE it. I still have to watch the DVD part of it, I'm excited. I remember someone mentioning to me once that they didn't think it was very good...blasphemy. What do you guys think? Love it, hate it, like it a little?
  6. So far, I haven't had any real negative responses to them. This could be due to the fact that lots of my friends already liked them. My boyfriend isn't as into them as I am, but he went to the concert with me and respects Matt for his mad guitar skills. My friend Jen now loves them because her boyfriend is way into them (of course lol). My brother doesn't love them, but he finally admitted he likes them. He had only liked one song before, Micro Cuts, because he'd seen it in a skate video (he's SUCH a skater kid). Anyways, just recently I was OH so proud and excited to hear him say, "Ok, Muse is pretty good," or something along those lines. (He's still a teenager, so he's in that "I'm too cool to like anything different" stage...or something) Either way, he finally came to his senses and admitted he likes them. Hazaa!
  7. There was a yellowish-green faze? Oh, dear. (I've only known about Muse for like a year, so I haven't seen his hair transform that much). I like it black and red, but definitely black the best. The blue made him look washed out.
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