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  1. Wow....The Swiss really lucked out! :O So much rarities in ONE Setlist & on the DRONES Tour! This is very unusual indeed but amazing noneoftheless. No salt here, I'm happy for those who got this but I can understand the frustrations of others. It's pretty much pot luck.
  2. I'm not sure if you've misunderstood my post or the other way round Anyway, yes! Drones tour! I don't expect them to drop any of the current Drones staples. And I'm completely fine with that as like you said, it IS the Drones tour. I'm cool with that. (Which is the ONLY reason why I accepted Dead Inside. Haha!) I was mainly saying how I thought it was silly for them to include the Drones tour songs on the "choose the song" poll as they could have just left them on the setlist. As it may have been possible for people to vote on something that would have most likely ended up on a setlist anyway. & just seems pointless (for example, Psycho. And Psycho is always on, from what I've seen anyway. I could be wrong ). Okay, that was long.
  3. I'm sort of impressed! Many are DYING to hear B&H so it's not a bad choice As long as it's something like that or one of the rare play ones like Futurism, Fury, Agitated, Micr- you get the picture then I think it's worth it. (One's like Bliss, CE, etc I feel are acceptable as they are played in some places but not others) Tbh, I expected people to be silly and vote for the songs that are always on
  4. Jeez.... so much has exploded since this VK Setlist thing (Which I feel I should add, didn't intend on sounding ungreatful in my initial post If anything I'm still amazed with the setlist we got back in April but not keen on anyone making false promises in any form That's annoying. And I still agree with what I put about the set list itself, putting staples and Drones D&B/Choir filler is a very silly choice as it just defeats the polls purpose. If should have been a rarity poll only) Yeah, we all want our rare tunes but some Musers are getting out of hand. Contacting family members of band members etc is just creepy... Lol, Elle liking Spiral Static? (Didn't know Matt had a new GF as I stopped paying attention after the whole Kate separation thing ). Good song. Out of sheer laziness on my part, which song is winning on the poll so far? (I dread to know, haha!)
  5. That list is fantastic. However, it is complete & utter crap at the same time. It's great how they have included tunes such as "Micro Cuts, Agitated, Defector (for how uncommon it is), Futurism, B&H etc. However, it IS a kick in the teeth that Showbiz isn't there. I know people say it's because Matt can't sing it anymore but if that is the case...why is Microcuts there? For the lols and Matt thinking noone will pick it? Hold on, Dead Star isn't there either...People LOVE that one D: I also think (main point) it's ridiculous that they've put Drones tour staples on the list. They should remain on the setlist like normal and this "choose one song" should be rarities only. It's more fun that way and stops people for voting on something that would have ended up on the setlist anyway - thus making the poll pointless. And for fuck sake, WHY is Madness there? That needs to be killed off & don't get me started on why Drones choir/D&B are there... Silly choice. I like Drones choir but are they taking the piss by including that as a choice Wait, did someone say that LAST TIME Muse did this, they included TWIN? That would have been amazing!
  6. My first Muse gig was back in April & I was content as fuck with the setlist. (Except Madness). As for songs I would LOVE to hear live, here goes - Showbiz - Dead Star - TSP - MK Ultra (or maybe replace that with Microcuts :') ) - Defector So glad I got to see Citizen Erased! It's not my favourite Muse song but it is one I really enjoy! Live however, I didn't expect it to blow me away like it did
  7. Really? Great! I was just so pleased when I heard him remove it entierly during that performance. It just made it that tiny bit more awesome Reapers? It's mad but that wordshould still get killed off Neither can I! Hence why It annoyed me in Drones. Always hated that word & can never bring myself to say it Also, Static Shadows. YES! I forgot all about Pink Ego Box :') That song was just...ridiculous lol
  8. THANK YOU! I've ALWAYS hated that & as much as I enjoy Reapers, I hated that so much, just ruins the theme for me. However, During The Globalist in Glasgow, he removed that word and replaced it with "now". I was pleased Anyway, Silliest Muse lyrics? "You Fucking Motherfucker" /endthread (On a serious note, I seen why the "colour verse" in Defector annoys people. Yeah, I get their meanings but it does feel like lazy songwriting at the same time :'). )
  9. Interesting, this! Especially how the album was meant to be the other way round. Wow.
  10. Man, I'm still getting spells of "Post Gig Hype" today Sunday was awesome, I'm still amazed that we got Bliss, Map, CE, SS & TaB in one night Madness was shit though and the crowds reaction proved that. No wonder they dropped it the next night. Still, it didn't ruin my night
  11. Ah, THAT explains it! I was confused as I wrote some posts last night, (Basically me keeping tabs on the gig, wondering if Madness is actually going to get dropped, dreading the idea of it appearing in the encore with UD, laughing that it IS dropped & then quoting Brello's reply to my post by celebrating the inclusion of TaB). Anyway, here's the first post I wrote last night which got deleted - Wow, so I was pleased with Glasgow's Setlist (17th) Map of the Problematique, Bliss, Citizen Erased, Stockholm & Take a Bow? That was amazing! Only low point was "Madness" It wasn't enough to ruin the show but the crowd pretty much calmed and some folk left when it played - can hardly blame them. Madness is shit Hell, I hate "Dead Inside" & that was more fun live! My favourite was "Citizen Erased" I was just drawn in, It was spectacular! Matt's mistake was hilarious and I could see Chris laughing! The band seemed to have enjoyed themselves that night! I'm actually fine with ManHarmonica, I know alot of folk hate it but I'm cool with it. Mercy with all them effects was a nice touch! JFK got me excited as I wondered what song we were going to get. In my mind: "Is it a surprise Defector? Assassin 2.0?" & then Stockholm Syndrome played, I was NOT disappointed In short, fantastic gig! Had an amazing time!
  12. Second! Getting hyped now as Sunday is nearly around the corner & I'm hoping for crowd buzzing tunes! As much as I hate DI & Madness, they're going to be there regardless so I can cope with them. Just hope we don't get UD and Aftermath aswell Hopefully we get Defector. That deserves another go! Or give us Assassin aswell (Not to rub it in at Belfast peeps, That was a damn shame!), Or TSP....Or Showbiz (Lol the last one won't happen but it's a laugh to say it anyway)~ I am curious to know what the last London night is going to be like. Especially with the insane reaction over Assassin last night. Is it going to go out with a bang or not? I'll be keeping an eye out!
  13. Aye! DI should be in the "Madness" slot. It's basically the new Madness but nope, Madness has to be a staple. Whyyy? Oh dear, Aftermath or Madness? What's worse? x.x (Madness, clearly but Aftermath is on the bad list :'). Jeez, I sound so fussy! But again, I'll be fine, I just hope we don't end up with constant ones I hate is all). I really like TaB so hopefully they keep it on Sunday! I seen an awesome list myself but I can't remember it right now but that one does sound great.
  14. Oh my word, I am still hoping that we don't get plagued with the UD rotation! Taking TaB out and replacing it with that is terrible imo! I hope we do get TaB on Sunday tbh! I'll probs be happy with whatever we get as it's my first proper go at a Muse gig but I'm already prepared to deal with Dead Inside & Madness (I dislike them both. However. DI is part of the Drones catalogue so, I'll deal with that ) but UD on top? Come on!
  15. Unintended, I enjoy. It took a while for me to listen to it at first but once I did, I enjoyed it. Screenager, I know this one is popular so sorry for going against the mould but, I've never liked this song. It's just not done anything for me tbh! I get bored. Blackout, Like it. No complaints. Soldier's Poem - Eh. Not keen on this tbh. Guiding Light - Shit Save Me: Hm, grew on me the smallest bit after not hearing it for years...but it's not one I like that much. Aftermath: Bullshit. I heard it once and never again
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