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Found 12 results

  1. Now don't get me wrong. Matt Bellamy is an amazing songwriter, singer, guitarist and pianist. His lyrics, though, are hit and miss. There are some really great ones, of course, but then there are other that just come off as incredibly silly, whether they're stretch rhymes, confused metaphors, or otherwise. And we're here to talk about them today, so feel free to post your best worst Muse lyrics! Here are some of my favorites. "I have played in every toilet / but you still want to spoil it" ~from Muscle Museum, Muscle Museum EP (1998) "You do it to me sweetly, to my yeah-yeah" ~from Agitated, Uno single (1999) "It’s happening soon / It’s happening soon / It’s scent has been blowing in my direct-shoon" ~from Fillip, Showbiz (1999) "Stretch it like a birth squeeze" ~from New Born, Origin of Symmetry (2001) "Brainwashing our children to be mean" ~from Supremacy, The 2nd Law (2012) "Your aaaaaaaaassssss belongs to me now" ~from Psycho, Drones (2015)
  2. Based on my own personal thoughts as well as suggestions from this thread, I created a Muse-centric video discussing their silliest lyrics. Feel free to check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZIpjpUrSEY
  3. Note from Gem: I've merged the majority of Supermassive Blackhole threads as people seem to have one off questions and there was so many threads! So I thought I'd just make you one huge one x Most ppl are dismissing this song as a poppy song with poor lyrics but i think we should all step back and give the lyrics a deeper analysis. I believe that these lyrics clearly point towards Matt's love of S&M. First Verse: "oooh baby dont you know i suffer? oooh baby can you hear me moan? you caught me under false pretenses how long before you let me go?" Self Explanatory: Suffering and Moaning!! and he is clearly tied up/handcuffed. "you set my soul alight" refers to the burning of his chest with candle-wax. The chest is where many believe their soul is. 1"glaciers melting in the dead of night 2 and the superstars sucked into the Supermassive" We'll deal with this one line at a time... 1: this is a reference to the black-leather wearing clad dominatrix (supermassive black hole/whore) melting ice cubes onto Matt's sensitive nipples. Note the hyperbole - calling the ice cubes glaciers due to their seemingly large size when compared to his small nipples. This also indicates how painfull the experience was for him. 2: Matt is clearly the Superstar in this line, an innocent abroad who has been sucked into the dark and seedy world of S&M. SuperMassive. "i thought i was a fool for no-one ooh baby im a fool for you you're the queen of the superficial and how long before you tell the truth" This is an allusion to the power differential in their relationship - she is the queen(powerfull dominatrix) and he is the fool. Reference to the superficial supports my theory to the deeper meaning to the song. Matt wonders how long before she sells her story to the tabloids. SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE This lyric seems to have two meanings: 1 Matt here is borrowing a technique used by Kurt Cobain where he pronounces words in such a way as to create an ambiguity in the mind of the listener.. e.g. In the song Lithium Kurt sings "i love you im not gonna cry/crack. In this song Matt's lyrics may say "hole"(see explanation of meaning below) but the pronunciation is also meant to sound like whore i.e. the dominatrix. Supermassive is again a reference to how powerful she is relative to him, to her he is merely a fool to be toyed with as she pleases. 2 This line also reiterates the point mentioned earlier: he has been sucked into the dark and seedy world of S&M (SuperMassive), which is like a black hole from which he can see no escape. Galaxies away if you will from his normal sexual activities(see previous post http://www.invictus.softmeg.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=16046#16046). You will also note that this song contains a lot more repitition than earlier muse songs. The constant moaning (oooooooh aaah) is merely the cry of a tortured superstar. The recurring glacier and soul alight motifs have been explained already. I hope you agree with me and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the meaning of the song
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a song in which there are lyrics like this or similar "like some light is guiding her, protecting her" it can be something a bit different Does it ring a bell anyone? Ty 🎵
  5. Basically, I'm looking at this poster thing on notonthehighstreet.com and you can choose what lyrics you put on it and the background colour. It's for my boyfriend and we are both huge Muse fans (hence I'm asking here!!!), what lyrics should I use? PS, any era of Muse can be included, we love it all
  6. Hey hey, I want a tattoo of Muse lyrics. What do you guys think would be perfect? Obviously, nothing too long, just one great line. Apologies if anyone has posted this, but I didn't find any of recent. Cheers!
  7. Made a little video today about Muse and their important and very interesting choice of lyrics. I have high respect for this band for being one of very few to stand against the brainwashing our media today is exposing us to. The video contains three of their songs, that I consider very important to pay attention to. I added the lyrics to the video to make sure that it is clear what they are conveying to all of us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q7Uo8Vjm4Y I hope you all will like it. Aside of that, all I can say is keep up the awesome job, Muse! It is so refreshing to see intelligent music with some thought added to it, instead of all this shallow Gaga/Beyonce/Kesha etc crap they push into our faces everyday.
  8. Checked around and didn't see any definitive lyric discussion thread. (Yes I saw the "favourite/least/darkest/etc..." ones but I feel like this is needed). If it already exists merge it.
  9. Recently I have been listening to songs from all of the Albums and have noticed that although many of the songs appear to be about emotion (as I suppose we should expect from any band) , many of them have other references. For example who are 'they' who Mat B refers to in Knights of Cydonia and what to make of lyrics that say 'don't waste my time or I will waste you' . This appears to be a stab at something higher. Government for example so what do you guys think. Are Muse having a shot at governments or is it something else and if so why?
  10. Don't get me wrong, MoTP is an impressive song both live and studio. And the vocals are very well sung by Matt. But what is the meaning behind the vocals? I have heard that the vocals could mean a lot of different things, but what can you see in them?
  11. Hi there, I am looking for a copy of resistance in which the lyrics are played by an instrument, preferably violin, instead of being sung. All the instrumentals that I have found are the song just without the lyrics or anything to replace them. I also looked on youtube but found complete covers like them playing the piano in the background with the lyrics melody played by a violin. Anyone know of a version in which the lyrics are replaced by an instrument/violin?? I am a figure skater and I would like to put together a program to skate to this song but it cant have sung word in it and the plain instrumental is a bit mundane without the lyrics. Thanks.
  12. A thread about which Muse lyrics are the most , the most , the most , etc, etc. IN MY OPINION: Most - "She attacks me like a Leo when my heart is split like Rio" is a good contender, but for some reason, I seem to find "I thought I was a fool for no-one, but ooh baby I'm a fool for you" hilarious... Most - "You may be a sinner but your innocence is mine" No contest. Most - Badass lines include "I'm a priest God never paid", "spread our codes to the stars" and "this is the end of the world", but my favourite would be "they'll laugh as they watch us fall; the lucky don't care at all". Hell yeah. Most - Most of OoS. Flame away.
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