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  1. owls


    you posted once the link to a cool video in the chat

    and i can't find it any more, memorie's still ringing in my head.

    could you help me?

    it's very simple made, a mouth was in it and many little points flying around


    thx in advance

  2. xpaar

    Weird of me to say this, but welcome back.

  3. Si

    That was a bit harsh Miss Atheist

  4. Si

    Ein friend request =O

  5. I knew you'd say that, but I had to share my idea anyway. It just bugs me that for all the time spent making a sig look good on whatever skin you're using, other users may find it to look horrible in their theme of choice. Ah well, it's not like I would ever care that much to really get bothered by it anyway.
  6. I'd like to suggest a feature that most won't give two tosses about but which will be well regarded by a few. Basically, to have the option to define a set of signatures that will show up depending on what theme the viewer is using. This way it will let those user conscious of colour schemes have the peace of mind that they will always fit in nicely. I would imagine it to work in such a way that the default is to define a global signature and for those that really want to there is the option to define separate ones per theme or to have the option to use the global one. In order to conserve some storage space it might even be worth being able to define styles for the different themes while keeping content intact (think CSS). The way this would work is that the user defines the content in the global signature entry and can use standard tags such as h1, h2, etc as well as a set of user styles, possibly just with tags such as [user1], [user2], etc. Each of these could then be define on a global or per theme basis (with the theme definition overriding the global one). Another useful feature would be, for example, to define changeable content. That is, have a tag that gets replaced with content in the theme definition. This way pictures with different colour themes could be inserted in the correct location relative to text content.
  7. not loving it is a crime

  8. Why thank you :)


    It's called a scaffold:p

  9. RSS is wonderful! Combine it with a good feed reader (I recommend Google Reader) and you'll halve your time spent checking random websites just to see if they have updated anything.
  10. I had a Lip one til a month ago.. Still Pissed off that it's gone now... I want my tongue done though
  11. Can someone email me radiohead's entire discography? my email address is: Im.fulla@crap.com
  12. Well if the tatoo isn't blatantly muse, but any fan could easily relate to it it wouldn't be too bad. For example if you were to get one of the abso shadows, it could look cool when you don't know the connection with muse. It doesn't have to be obvious does it? I think subtler tatoos are best anyway..
  13. pfft, mailing lists are for losers. what you should do is stalk the band and follow their every move, while having 5-10 PDAs all on a different muse fansite on autorefresh to find any news. P.S. Don't trust my advice. it *may* get you arrested.
  14. finally.. I missed the first of march one
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