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  1. Just realised that this gig is the day before Matthews birthday! Let's all sing happy birthday to him!
  2. Hey, if you're not too busy could you check out our latest short and leave feedback? :)

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  3. I loved that look, I prefer it over the pillars. Muse on the stage then a massive pillar with an orchestra!
  4. And Morgan has the stage to himself? Sounds like another version of the HAARP set up then?
  5. True but with them they seem too fixated on making a perfect theatrical show which limits the set. They didn't have the pillars in Asia, which is why they mixed it up more, even though having the pillars shouldn't be an excuse. I'm guessing they're going to do a new stage set up for the stadium shows?
  6. Hopefully they just drop the pillars.
  7. Oh I see, well I guess I was in one of the lively pockets of people then. As long as the people around me are jumping it's not so bad, if it was just me then it'd be a bit weird. A couple spent the whole gig kissing?
  8. I don't know where you where standing but the crowd certainly wasn't dead where I was..
  9. I know but one can dream. They should play about 23 songs though for the stadium shows, that's what they did last time anyway.
  10. As long as Plug in Baby, Knights and songs like that don't break the top 5 I don't mind too much. I'd just like some rare songs! Would love to see Showbiz make the top 5 too. Good to see Assassin and Fury up there
  11. Top five for Wembley (10th) So far (Pretty good so far!) Citizen Erased 8% (712 votes) Bliss 5% (509 votes) Hyper Music 4% (363 votes) Showbiz 4% (357 votes) Fury 3% (324 votes) If they included all 5 it'd be awesome, something like this would be a brilliant: Uprising + Live outro Interlude + Hysteria + Back in Black outro Map of the Problematique Supermassive Black Hole Fury Resistance Showbiz Citizen Erased Take a Bow intro + United States of Eurasia Feeling Good New Born Helsinki Jam + Undisclosed Desires Starlight Stockholm Syndrome Hyper Music Unnatural Selection Encore 1 Exogenesis 1-3 (I'm assuming this will be played at most shows (even it if doesn't win the polls) as the muselive news suggested they have plans to play it) Encore 2 MK Ultra Time Is Running Out Popcorn + Bliss Encore 3 Plug in Baby Knights of Cydonia (Harmonica version)
  12. Who ever did that, thank you! Darkshines FTW!
  13. I read that too Time is Running out is a good vote though. They hardly ever play that
  14. Might pick up a ticket for this gig, is there any standing left. If so is there a specific ticket for golden circle or not? General Ticket: 45,00 Euros Entrada General Grada: from 35,00 to 45,00 Euros I'm guessing one of those is standing? I saw they have "Muse - Golden Ticket" listed, what's that? xD
  15. Damn I didn't read that it was only one. Hopefully for the stadium shows they will include at least 3! I really hope CE and MK don't come top, even though I love them I'd like to see rarer songs. They should do a poll for what 3 songs to drop forever... (I know what I'd vote for)
  16. I voted for those and others (Different gigs). I can't remember which I voted for which but here's the ones I voted for: Showbiz, Ruled By Secrecy, Hyper Music, Fury, The Small Print, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Falling Away With You, Apocalypse Please, Assassin, Darkshines and Spiral Static.
  17. I suppose so. Definitely, I'd like to see MK Ultra more, would be nice to see Fury and Apocalypse Please return. Showbiz would be nice too Hopefully it's a genuine shift for the rest of the entire tour and the next tour and so on...
  18. I think I'd rather have a 16 song set that features Bliss & RBS than have a longer set without them and Feeling Good instead xD Hopefully they'll keep this up, either playing RBS more or/and adding other songs to the rotation. But we've seen this before with Japan, they might just go back to the same setlist over and over. I really hope they play RBS during the stadium tour since I've not seen it live yet.
  19. Apart from Morgan with his little cheeky smile
  20. I think they were exaggerating a bit After recently discovering Polysics and subsequently becoming obsessed with them, I wouldn't mind them supporting but they're on a hiatus at the moment
  21. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2008/bizzare-music-festival-hamburg-germany-73d75e09.html
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