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  1. FINALLY had time to watch the movie, and it's amazing! I am going to sit my parents down and let them watch it, they like Muse but they know nothing about them, so this will be a perfect introduction! All your hard work is much appreciated mate! :)

  2. Cheers mate!

    I'm more exited for this than I was for the new album, kudos for all the hard work you've put in to it! :D


    Hope you have a happy christmas and a happy new year! :)

  3. picture.php?albumid=3119&pictureid=34343

    Muse the movie youtube premier Dec 27th btw! Thanks for sticking by the project from the very start Llama! :D

  4. Haha Anton fucked up when saying his last name, "Chris Waterstone from Muse!"
  5. When I see your pic, all I can see before me is Dom saying "You're fired" (think The Apprentice) with that face
  6. Sever

    Save Me

    Upon my first listen I didn't really like it at all. After listening to the album x number of times for the last couple of days I like it more and more, but it'll probably never feel completely "right" for me. However, unlike Liquid State I'm not skipping it any more, it's growing on me. I do hope they lower it 0.5/1 step live, from the stuff on youtube it feels like it's too high for him, kinda like his voice has problem finding firm footing during some parts, if that allegory makes any sense
  7. I like the album as a whole, I definitley think it's at least as good as TR, however I do not like the tracks by Chris. They're decent songs on their own, but I don't think it goes with Muses sound, it sounds like a different band, or it could work as a solo project. I had some problems with Survival when it was first released, but find it works alot better in the album. Some songs feels a bit meh, but I felt the same about some TR songs and now I love TR, I probably just need to see them live like I with TR, unless all songs turn out to be like UD live. The songs I'm looking forward to seeing live the most are probably Madness, Supremacy, Panic Station, Big Freeze, Unsustainable and Animals (the guitar<3), Follow Me might be kind of awesome as well, especially if they utilize the potential for an awesome lightshow.
  8. I'd buy solo albums from all the members should they make some. Can't say if I'd like it until I heard it though, but my guess is Matt would probably do best, maybye Chris would match him, though I don't think Dom would do very well considering he can't really sing
  9. I really liked it, but I think a big venue is required to do the song justice live. Sounds like the solo will hit you in the face live like the US solo does! Why can't it be December already ):
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