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  1. The best written songs on T2L are Supremacy, Animals, and IS and I listen to those too, it's just.. they don't function within the album well so it's a nuisance feeling the need to skip songs


    I can't listen to the album at all anymore, but I will listen to Madness, Panic Station, or Animals if they come on shuffle. That really shows how I felt about T2L as an album: it was just a weird mishmash of songs.

  2. Tbh I never really listen to Exogenesis anymore. Overture's cool but it doesn't really work on it's own imo and Cross-Pollination is too OTT/bombastic for me. Redemption's nice though, I guess.


    I highly recommend listening to the instrumental version of Cross Pollination. Hearing all of the things going on during the vocals is really amazing, especially the guitar.

  3. From the 3 songs we've heard already it's probably safe to say that this album will be better than the Resistance.


    Is this board really anti-Resistance? It wasn't a perfect album, but I'd easily say that Uprising, Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, and all of Exo are better than Psycho or Dead Inside. I like the live Reapers a lot, but I'll reserve actual comparison until I hear the studio version.

  4. This will be the pinnacle moment in Muse fandom disappointment. It's going to be absolutely brutal. No matter what the song sounds like (and I doubt it sounds like CE), it will not live up to the expectations.

  5. WHat are you bitching about? That 1 sec teaser shows fuck all.

    And what if he sings Dead Inside in that fashion? The song can turn out to be anyting.


    No. Not possible. Grab the pitchforks.

  6. When was the last time we, Muse fandom, were happy about a Muse single? I have always seen mixed reactions. We are very hard to please... :LOL: :LOL:


    Hmmm. That's actually a good question. I've only been on the message boards since before BHaR, but there certainly hasn't a been a single people liked since then. SMBH was hilariously received. Uprising went over decently, actually. Madness and/or Survival... that was hilarious.

  7. Aside the lyrics, Survival is a really really good song. I can't understand why some people hate it.


    The structure is what kills it for me. I hate the bouncy piano, tacky background vocals, and silly chorus. The end is pretty cool (minus the whole "win" garbage), but it doesn't feel remotely earned to me.

  8. Didn't "Born this way" rip that one off, anyways? I've never really heard the GaGa song... :$


    Yep. I had forgotten about Born this Way since the first time I heard that one, I also thought of Express Yourself.


    And now all I hear during the solo is Sweet Home Alabama's solo.


    Man, I was so digging this song, but now it's just feeling like a mashup of other songs.

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