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  1. Finally for me too.


    Ahhhhh, sounds so much better than on Spotify.


    Ugh, it's up on Amazon too, but it hasn't been given out to people who pre-ordered it. I wish I didn't rely on Amazon's music cloud or I'd preorder from somewhere else.

  2. Supremacy Good riff, strong opener... until it goes nowhere.

    Madness I actually really like it, but it doesn't feel like a Muse song.

    Panic Station I really enjoyed it, but it hasn't held up well for me.

    Survival The final minute is a good jam, but I HATE everything before it.

    Follow Me Hate. Not catchy, not interesting.

    Animals I thought at the time it would become a classic. Now it just kinda feels boring.

    Explorers I hate this song too. It feels so lazy and contrived. In my top 5 worst Muse songs.

    Big Freeze My guilty pleasure on the album. Not good, obviously, but what can I say?

    Save Me Boring.

    Liquid State I like it and it was good live, but it really feels like it's lacking something. A solo, a big ending riff... something.

    Unsustainabel Fine. Don't listen to it, but don't dislike it.

    Isolated System I like it, but I assume it'll pop up in enough movie trailers to prevent me from needing to listen to it on my own.


    Overall, it's just a miserable album. No flow, no originality, just a bunch of weird songs thrown together.

  3. yeah it took a while to warm to me as well, but it's a stunning trio of songs (PIB, CE, MC)


    3 great songs, but I think only CE and MC actually work as a pairing. Whereas CodHoodoKnights is the damn Western Trilogy.


    Reapers into Handler is pretty damn good though, so we'll have to wait and see if they can seal the deal.

  4. Is anyone actually not excited for this?


    I don't feel excited at all :(


    Just really calm, waiting to be able to hear it.


    I've learned to temper my enthusiasm after the disaster that was T2L. I used to get so amped I wouldn't sleep and just kept hitting refresh on Leak Threads back in the BH&R and even The Resistance days.


    I'm too old for that shit now.

  5. Seriously, do people not remember just how distorted Matt used to make his vocals in the Absolution days? I love the sound of the choruses/chants on this track.


    Overall, I am psyched that the studio version is damn near as good as the live version. In fact, parts are way better, especially the ending lines of the verses.

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