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  1. I think this is a strange, un-Musey song. That said... if I just came across it on the radio, I think it would end up being a total guilty pleasure. It's catchy, the lyrics are interesting enough, and I think Matt's voice is beautiful (minus weird backup singing....)


    I can see why people are repelled by it, but what can I say... I like it.

  2. Requim1394, you do realise im not the one wanting the audio to be kept to the DVD, it is the audio provider, and Im sure you'll know its not being done to be stingy, Im sure you know without anyone having to say anything why they want this to be the case, which is totally fair.


    Your last part "a bit mean to wave these other beautiful rips in front of us when you MUST know the demands are unlikely to be met." I do truelly think that everyone within the community will respect this and the provider of the audio is offering further audio if this can be respected too, so surely anyone with half a brain cell can see uploading the audio would be a stupid thing to do. Muselive and musebootlegs wont be hosting any of the audio as the admins wont even validate it.


    Yeah, I know it isn't you. And I agree with it in principle, I really do. I will absolutely only keep the audio for myself. And I also believe that the "community" at large will abide as well. Nonetheless, I do not think it would be surprising to find the audio rips up on some site or torrent.


    Obviously it won't end up on MB or ML... the admins there are part of the community at large. If that is the only limit on the "do not upload" stipulation, then we're good as gold. But if it also includes not finding the audio rips on some random website or in a torrent, then it's asking a lot.


    If any of this came off as antagonistic, I apologize. I am truly thankful for your work on this project. I'm just jaded and don't trust people.;)

  3. I get that your source wants this audio to be unique to the DVD. I get that it would be gentlemanly of your audience to respect the wishes of the source.


    But you do need to be realistic. You are putting this on the Internet. No-man's-land. You're dropping a cow in the raptor pit and telling them to practice Hinduism.


    Someone is going to upload the audio. And it won't even necessarily be malicious. Kids download things and don't read a single word attached to it. You can have a flashing announcement at the bottom of the video that says, "DO NOT SHARE THIS AUDIO!" and someone will still do it without for a second thinking they're breaking the rules.


    Just saying... a bit mean to wave these other beautiful rips in front of us when you MUST know the demands are unlikely to be met.


    But who knows, maybe I'll be surprised.

  4. I tried to like this song, and, for a while I thought that I did... but it has not stood up well as I have endlessly played the album over the last month. I actually skip this song more often than I skip Guiding Light (which has grown on me a bit).


    An expected, if not unfortunate. choice for a single. I don't think it will be popular with any crowd. The rock stations certainly won't play it and I think it might sound a little too forced for the dance/rnb crowd.


    I think a radio edit of Resistance would probably be their best bet to win over new fans, so I expect that to be the redeeming single after UD bombs.

  5. What is it with you people and not being able to accept other opinions? :rolleyes:


    CE is boring. There are better songs on that album. Bliss is way better for me than CE both on record and live.


    I agree. I have never understood the CE love. It's fine, I guess, but it has never struck a chord with me. The guitar sounds so flat and I don't really think it's a catchy riff.


    New Born, Bliss, Hyper Music, Plug in Baby, Micro Cuts, Dark Shines, and Megalomania are all far superior songs.

  6. Omg you have to be kidding :LOL:


    I love it, it's great, for a rock band it's fantastic.


    But it's just not in the same stratosphere as Beethoven or anyone else - Mozart, Mahler, Haydn, Dvorak....it's just completely incomparable.


    Oh, lawdy lawd.


    I think this is a sad way to look at music. Respect the classics, but realize that things can be better. I'm not saying Exo is better than Beethoven... but holding the belief that nothing can be isn't right.


    I love classical music, but Rock music is right up there in terms of overall importance, beauty, and staying power.

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