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  1. I think it's totally on point saying: "does that make it good pop, or are they simply less fun to kick around now?"


    I remember being upset when Muse started going really over the top with stuff like USoE and Survival. Hell, I literally swore off Muse for a while after Survival because I couldn't believe they'd be so silly as to be unfun. But, well, 3 albums later I guess I've just accepted they weren't trying something new, they were finding who they were.

  2. I had to end up using my phone, too. Managed to get 2 GA tickets. Stupid expensive, but I haven't seen the band since 2013 and haven't been to the new arena yet, so whatever. Just REALLY hoping that because it's a state of the art new area, we actually get a respectable setlist for once. The 2013 Arco show was absolutely embarrassing.

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  3. So it's way better as a whole than any of the past 3 albums but I still don't think it's good. It has some good songs for sure, but it just doesn't come together for me the way it is for some of you, I think time will prove me right on this one


    This is how I've felt for a while. But we're mostly in a post-album world at this point, so I'll gladly take a few good songs every few years to add to my playlists.

  4. I feel like if I heard this on the radio for the first time not knowing who it was, I'd be kind of into it initially and be like, "Huh, that voice is so familiar..."


    Then the chorus would hit and I'd go, "Oh. It's Muse. Yikes."

  5. As with every new album cycle, I cannot wait for the inevitable Pitchfork review. They sure hate Muse, but I find the way they write about them absolutely hysterical and clever.


    From Drones:


    "Drones might as well be overlain with Entourage, à la Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon, for the ultimate in critical hate-consumption. Muse’s operatic vocal runs, tablature-bustin’ riffs, and CGI'd production feel unmistakably similar to the way Doug Ellin brandishes yachts, celebrity cameos, and bared breasts. If it’s luxury porn, just own up—we know it when we see it."


    From T2L:


    "And titans shall clash as Bellamy speaks with the conviction of a man who is either going to tell us they'll never take our freedom or to release the kraken. With dramatic flair, he intones "your true emancipation is a fantasy," which... OK. But "the time..." Go on. "...it has come," that "it," perfect. "To destrooooyyyyyy..." Destroy what? Make sure you put your drink down as Bellamy screams "YOUR SUPREMACYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" because all of a sudden having The 2nd Law only in audio form feels pathetically inadequate-- next time you will place it against footage from Starship Troopers, although the closest visual equivalent to this batshit moment is a dinosaur with a cowboy hat manning a F-15 and blowing evil aliens to bits while scoring the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl."

  6. Showbiz:


    1. Sunburn

    2. Cave

    3. Showbiz




    1. New Born

    2. Micro Cuts

    3. Megalomania




    1. Stockholm Syndrome

    2. Falling Away With You

    3. Butterflies and Hurricanes




    1. City of Delusion

    2. Hoodoo

    3. Knights of Cydonia




    1. Uprising

    2. MK Ultra

    3. Exogenesis


    2nd Law:


    1. Supremacy

    2. Madness

    3. Animals




    1. Reapers

    2. The Handler

    3. Revolt




    1. Spiral Static

    2. Fury

    3. Shrinking Universe

  7. From the songs I've actually witnessed, and in no particular order:


    Knights of Cydonia


    New Born


    City of Delusion

    Stockholm Syndrome

    Butterflies and Hurricanes

    Citizen Erased

    Mk Ultra

    Map of the Problematique

  8. I heard this song initially as part of a whole album listen. I had seen little bits of chatter that people hated it, but I wanted to listen to the whole album before joining the fray. After seriously disliking Defector, I was immediately cheered up by this one. I sat there with my wife and said, "I bet everyone the board was talking about Aftermath being the one they all hate, certainly not this."


    Muse fans are a varied and fickle bunch.

  9. Riff - Knights of Cydonia

    Bass - Hyper Music

    Guitar solo - Citizen Erased (but really New Born live)

    Drums - Stockholm Syndrome

    Piano - Exogenesis: Part Two: Cross-Pollination

    Vocals - Spiral Static

    Backing Vocals - Megalomania

    Chorus - Micro Cuts

    Verses - Stockholm Syndrome

    Intro - Bliss

    Outro - Micro Cuts

    Lyrics - Hoodoo

  10. I think Supremacy was actually pretty good live, especially as an opener.


    The Handler should be pretty darn heavy live. If Fury sounds good live, why wouldn't this one? I do worry it's a BIT too slow and might be hard to fit into a setlist, but I think on its own, it'll sound great.

  11. UD, Guiding Light, USOE, Explorers, Save Me. Shit, even the T2L version of Blackout was pretty poor.


    Hmm, I MAY give you Save Me. I forgot about that one.


    The rest I'd solidly disagree. I don't like those songs (minus Blackout, of course), but I still think they're fine live.

  12. I'm going to pour gloom juice on you excited Handlers by predicting it will be terrible live. I hope not though, just have an uneasy feeling


    Honest question, what Muse song, of ALL of them, is actually terrible live? Subpar, sure... but I don't think I've ever heard them perform a terrible song.

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