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  1. This one was tough. I really had to think about it. In the end, it came down to Ruled by Secrecy and Hoodoo... and they're both in my Top 10 Muse songs, so that makes it close. I ended up going with Hoodoo because I like the lyrics just a little bit more than RBS.


    Cross-Pollination is actually my favorite piano work by Matt, but the meat of the track isn't piano, so I ruled it out.

  2. As I've said in other threads, my favorite thing about this is the prospect of being able to make a full YouTube playlist with the entire album and then Chromecast it to my TV. Would be a cool way to listen to the album while cleaning, reading, etc and also get some cool visuals.


    The best one, I'd say, is Mercy. Not my favorite song, but the video is really cool. I also quite like Reapers and Defector.

  3. This one is weird. I love the intro guitar and the verses are alright... but that melody at "Now and forever" feels like I'm in fucking youth group.


    Don't get me started on the sing-along at the end.


    So much potential, but it just doesn't work for me.

  4. I'm actually really liking this song now.


    It's beautiful and haunting and whoa. First couple of listens all I could hear is "Drones" though which is fitting I guess. :LOL: Only wish I could hear the words more clearer.


    My favorite thing about it is that I can't understand it.

  5. This song is causing a lot of turnarounds... :LOL::LOL:


    I really think it's because it's a nice break in the album. The last 3 songs before that are all riff and follow a darker theme... then this pops up, and even if you would hate it on the radio, it suddenly works because it works in sequence.

  6. I just don't see the need as it is, in my mind, 100% the ending of the Globalist, not a separate song. In the same way I have never listened to Redemption alone, I doubt I will with this one.

  7. You know, I just read my last post about this song, and I see some hypocrisy compared to how I reacted when Survival came out 3 years back. Everyone kept saying "Ignore the stupid lyrics, it's such a fun song!" and I said that was nonsense.


    Here I am defending Revolt with the same defense. Hmm.


    So I listened to Survival again, trying to keep the same mindset that lets me enjoy Revolt. Nope still hate it, and for the simple reason of the choral stuff. I absolutely loathe the "So I told you" and "You were wrong and you didn't listen" parts. I have to imagine the way I recoil from that is similar to how many of you are reacting to Revolt.

  8. I love this song even more with each whole album listen. Unlike a great many of you, I guess, I think it flows wonderfully from Defector. This is the upbeat "Yea I did it, you can to!" song of the story. Subtle? Well no, Christ, it was written by Matthew "Stellar Clouds of Gas" Bellamy! But it's great fun, I think.

  9. I like the intro to the song, but I just cannot stand the ending third. That call and response/church hymn style really hits me the wrong way. I hate to say it, but it's almost unlistenable.

  10. I still just love this song so much. The falsetto into that badass riff, catchy as all hell chorus that gets stuck in my head for days, a strange but awesome solo, and that outro.


    If the bass were just higher in the mix, this would be a 10/10.

  11. I love the opening so damned much. I want it to turn into something completely different though. Like, if it somehow turned into City of Delusion, it would be the best thing ever.


    Still, I do enjoy it as a track. I think it'll grow on me quite a bit.

  12. I'm a few listens in now, and I am seriously confused how people are loving Defector and hating Revolt. I just do not get it at all. Defector's chorus is annoying as hell with those vocals.


    Revolt is just your typical pop-rock song ala The Killers... not great, but I can't quite get how it's so detested.

  13. Dead Inside - 8.5/10. Disliked it at first but it grew on me and now I really enjoy it. I catch myself humming it all the time.




    Overall - 7.5/10


    I agree with your review almost exactly... except I'd switch the reviews for Revolt and Aftermath. I think Revolt is fun and catchy, and Aftermath is too much like Guiding Light/Explorers for me.


    It'll be interesting to see how my feelings change over time as they always do.

  14. If you're going to do videos for all the first half of the album, may as well try and explain the 2nd with films too, right? It would be weird not to now! Half way thro! Maybe the lever game will come into play for those at a later date....It would seem all those green screen shots done were the boys playing thro possibly all the songs to use for these....


    That'd be really cool and make for an easy YouTube playlist.

  15. I'm actually going to wait until I get off work to sit with a proper set of headphones/amp before listening to the second half of the album... but man, you guys certainly aren't making me excited for it. I mean, I'm used to that after the response to the last 2 albums... but it was nice riding on yesterday's waves of positive energy.

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