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  1. Que buena onda que los conociste también! Yo los conocí el año pasado en los angeles despues del concierto del Greek. Cuando le pedí el autografo a Dom me pregunto "¿Dónde compraron este disco??" Me quede y le dijimos que ¿por que? Y nos dijo porque era distinto al de los estados unidos y pues lo habiamos comprado en Mexico (original obvio) y despues mi esposo le pregunto que cuando iban a Mexico y nos dijo que el próximo año definitivamente (este año). Que bueno que les gusto el ambiente, Mexico ha esperado tanto tiempo y ojala no se tarden mucho ya que saben cuanto se les quiere y aprecia. Que envidia de concierto eh, bueno por lo menos los vimos de nuevo en los angeles
  2. I do hope you are feeling better Mary! I as you know have been under the weather as well. I got confirmation of a conversion last week when I asked the student that I had given a copy of OOS if she liked it she said, "Oh yes! They're sooo good I went out and bought their new cd!" Still working on MY mom though, trying to do it via string quartet tribute. Btw this week I've been talking to several of my students about muse too.
  3. He's not my brother...yet. But I am married...oh well
  4. I do think they are sexy but not in the "traditional" sense whatever that means. I also don' want tickets to skyrocket either but we can't do too much about that. Let's enjoy it while we can.
  5. Thank you Mr. Anderson (sorry don't know his first name)!!!!!!!!! Yes one by one....world domination...eer I mean Muse domination
  6. Hey Brian!! Just wanted to thank you for copying the stuff you had for Alex and I !! Amoeba is AWESOME you would totally love it there. We are planning to take another trip there soon. Maybe we could meet up Hullabaloo was $19!! OOS was $19! Here's another story.... I was taking a picture of the football field at the school where I teach because it has goal post (i want to alter the picture so it looks like the cover of oos). She asked me why I was taking the picture...that sparked the conversation about Muse and I gave her a burned copy of oos that I had in my car!
  7. That would be awesome if it were true. I went to Best Buy today and asked about the String Quartet Tribute to Muse and that supposedly has been pushed back to Feb 8th. We'll see. At least the Wiltern stuff will be broadcasted on FUSE (tom mentioned it).
  8. I found hullabaloo (cd), OOS (they had several copies), a SFA single, Absolution (vinyl) and a whole bunch of other goodies at Amoeba (independent music store in hollywood) There are only 3 locations in california but a visit there is well worth it. The store is huge and you could easily spend the whole day there if not longer.
  9. Â Actually a muse musical would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! But not on ice I would love to have a copy of the book...but I also live in the states :'( :'( I guess I'll have to wait a little while until I visit England.
  10. am I the only one just waiting for tomorrow's release of the string quartet tribute??? Just thought it would be a great tool for spreading Muse to even more people (like my mom)
  11. That's one more thing I love about Muse. At the wiltern show you couldn't have placed people into categories. There were kids there (approx 10) and people I thought looked like the parents of my students (I teach high school), I saw people of all ages, types and races. I have NEVER seen that in a concert before. I saw people dressed like they were going to a broadway show I saw punks and goths and all sorts. WOW! Getting back to the purpose of this thread...well I was CONVERTED and I am also spreading the gospel according to matthew, lol. I am getting the String Quartet tribute to muse for my parents and I have several students that I've been preaching to. One of those students happens to run his own online radio station and he is constantly playing Muse now Here in Lancaster (an hour north of los angeles) the local radio station plays Hysteria and TIRO on a regular basis.
  12. Well when the first song at the wiltern started my husband and I looked at each other....are they really playing? are they really singing? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!!!!!!! They sound better live than on their records. How many bands can you say that of? BTW  MTV2 Rock countdown yesturday:  #7 Franz Ferdinand #6 My Chemical Romance (cool video) #5 MUSE!!!!!!!!!! #4 Jimmy Eat World #3 Modest Mouse #2 The Killers #1 Green Day  GO AND VOTE ON MTV2's webpage!
  13. My husband has asked me a few times now...."why are you now so obsessed?" Like he doesn't already know the answer. Â Basically...seeing them live is what ancored the obsession
  14. Finally I'm putting in my humble two cents. I had originally planned to read all of the replies from this thread but if I wait to do that and THEN post well.... Obviously what ever words I may say will have probably already been said, but here goes: My husband introduced (more like tortured) me at first. He first heard of Muse back in MEXICO (of all places). We actually met online and over the course of about a year we met in person, fell in love, and got married. During our online chats he would sing to me (not a great voice) but I thought it was cute. When we moved in together he would play Muse non-stop. Hear me out first: when we first moved in I got annoyed, hahaha, but one night I couldn't sleep and he put absolution in and I fell asleep. I think it was all subliminal! After that night I couldn't stop playing Muse. I don't know about the rest of you but Muse is....I'm at a loss for words. THE MUSIC SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. THANK YOU MATT, DOM AND CHRIS!!!!! GRACIAS POR SU MUSICA MARAVILLOSA! THANKS FOR DECEMBER 9TH AT THE WILTERN! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND COME BACK TO LA SOON! ISABEL
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