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  1. And because shifting several tons of kit around the world for weeks on end by burning dead dinosaurs is Unsustainable. But I know that even they're aware of the irony of this.
  2. It's ironic they chose to hold the world premiere for this film in a country that won't get the pun in the title (World War Three/Zee).
  3. It's this... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22744566 I assume that's why they chose HGP. As there's already an event going on it means less work needed to be gig-ready.
  4. Disappointed to be screwed by another ticket wild goose chase, but having just seen them play for 4.5 hrs over the weekend it's not the end of the world. Seems a lot of ppl grabbed tix and then not sure if they can make the trip, I know I wouldn't bother travelling too far on a Sun night for a 30 min set, so being a short tube ride for me I might head over there anyway, being free maybe they'll let a few in close to 9pm if they aren't at capacity. If not I'm sure I'll be able to hear it from outside. Not expecting anything we havn't seen before though, probably a standard run through of T2L tracks with a bit of extra cheese to keep the Sun readers and casual punters happy.
  5. So I got almost all the way and then there was an "unspecified" error during payment. Now I can't book again because G&T thinks my code has already been used. It really shouldn't surprise me that their system is such utter shite.
  6. No. Pre-sales, ballots, lotteries, pin codes etc are totally ineffective at stopping touting, especially if you allow anyone to sign up and enter after it's been announced. The ONLY way to stop touting is to insist that the person using the ticket must enter the venue with the person who bought it, to enforce the necessary identity checks and to refuse entry without exception to those who don't meet the criteria. Everything else is a gimmick, even if well intentioned.
  7. I was too late :mad: could you send me the file(s) directly please by email?

  8. Thanks so much for the fantastic DVD. Brilliant job. Now I'll be able to relive that night again and again. :)

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