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  1. -SaH-

    Dear Dom,

    my name is Jarosław Gopek and I’ve written a SCREENPLAY for the movie based on Your songs, that I’d like to show You.

    I’m looking for an opportunity to present You the project idea or the screenplay itself, preferably during Your stay in Poland next weekend.


    I’ve named it: “THE SYMMETRY ORIGINS”. It’s an ACTION-MUSICAL kept in fantasy/sci-fi genre, containing MUSE SONGS from each album. The story is my idea and the action takes place in our world, present times.


    I’m from Poland, therefore I’ll be in Krakow during Your gig at the Krakow Live Festival, on Aug 21th. I’m prepared to show it or describe it to You personally.

    At Your convenience I can deliver samples or a description in advance.

    If You find it interesting I’m able to meet You at any place and date suitable for You.


    Yours sincerely,

    Jarosław Gopek


    +48 509 60 71 72

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  3. Hi,

    I went on saturday 17th of October to listen to Muse in Buenos Aires and I was completely dissapointed with the concert because the sound was really low. Most of us in the back field were singing "we cant hear" (in spanish), which means this was something that really bothered a lot of us.


    I do not say this to offend anybody. I just think that in a proffessional concert where you pay that much money to listen to a band, at least I could expect to listen well to the music. And if not, at least the people in charge of that should now that there was something going wrong.


    Considering you are proffessional at this we should get another chance of listening well to muse our get our money back.


    You should consider this. Regards.


    Maria Luz Pujol

  4. Happy birthday Dom!!! cheers! have a nice evening ;)


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