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    5 years drummer, that's about it.
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    the vagina state
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    Drumming, trying to look like Matt
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    Radiohead, Pinback, Explosions in the Sky, Japandroids, Deadmau5
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    Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire
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    The Odyssey
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    well shoot, all of them.
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    3-01-10 Patriot Center, 10-27-10 Charlottsville
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  1. haha..long story

  2. a little confused by musefrak.

  3. how you been? I ask that question too much..

  4. Brunettes are awesome too. i mean come..we would both know. :cool:

  5. Yeah I figured :chuckle: I do have a blonde friend. He is MASSIVELY hot. And he works at abercrombie...unf.. I think I take that back..blondes are pretty hot too. I like all men. hehe

  6. I do.

    blondes are hot.

  7. Brown hair is the best. I don't care much for blondes :$

  8. Aha ok. Just like mine :cool:

  9. Yeah. Good idea! You should have black as the base colour though. That would look slick. What's your natural colour?

  10. maybe not as long.

    I don't know, I'll talk to my hair dresser.

  11. Oh god yes. That would be amazing. I can't picture you with long hair though :erm: I love those colours...and that guy :eyebrows: Oh man..I'm not going to make it tonight.

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