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  1. Happy New Year! May 2019 be successful for all of us. And from us you can expect a surprise in the first quarter of the new year #tsomovie #muse #museical #jmgopek #TGAPC
  2. Hi, some time ago I wrote a screenplay based on Muse (LINK). Now, I answer the call of Muse and enter Omaze and Prince's Trust campaign. Keep finger crossed #tsomovie #muse #museical #jmgopek #omaze #princetrust
  3. #tsomovie is not only a script, it's a tribute. We answer the call of Muse and enter Omaze and Prince's Trust campaign. #muse #museical #jmgopek #omaze #princetrust
  4. Hello I'd be happy to help out in sharing new ideas inspired by MUSE.I've recently had an interest in script writing as a hobby,but hoping one day to create a prize piece.

  5. Matt & Dom are sitting down with The Guardian on Friday 16 February at 12p GMT - PLEASE can You pop up my question on their FB Page? LINK is here: QUESTION on FB
  6. New year and new tasks lays ahead of us to bring #museical to live, and in the meantime the idea was carried to the Polish mountains T-shirt: "I want #museical Support #tsomovie"
  7. Hi everyone! Today is a good day for the project as I will have my first interview played on radio! It's local radio, only in Polish, but small steps, small steps I will try to make some summary of it here or on projects FB page (facebook.com/tsomovie). Best Regards!
  8. Hi! I think it won't be much a problem to write them letter (better than email) and then call them after a week or send an email if they received it. There is always tiny chance that someone will be interested and support Your project. And one important lesson that I learned is that Muse is Muse, but there is always company that is the publisher with a band of lawyers and their job is to keep those things right, so I suggest contact and asking for permission. Wish You luck!
  9. Hi! I myself, didn't change any lyrics... but sometimes I used older or alternative (live) version. In my case Muse songs are in fact perfect fit to my movie. Sometimes, because they just are and it was amazing and it was the main reason why I made my script like this. Sometimes, because I made some small corrections in the story so the song would fit. I want for this movie to be an outstanding story with greatest Muse songs for every fan. But in other projects I don't see why some changes can't be made - it only depends if it fit the whole concept and if it fit song and music after the changes.
  10. Nice idea Hopefully story is different than my for my project But to answer, if You want make this only in Italy, then try to contact Warner Music Group for Italy. Problem is, that if You want also to use lyrics, then You need agreemnt from the lyrics rights owner. I have this problem in Poland, because Warner here does not hold rights and You must try with global office (I mean main office in UK or USA). I myself to this day make no contact with them because I'm still making project description for foreign producers etc. Wish You luck and if You find some contact, please let me know! If I manage to do this first, I will pass it to You as well. Best Regards!
  11. "I will protect you..." and "This is the last time I'll abandon you..." could be found on concept poster, lyrics from "Follow Me" and "Stockholm Syndrome". There was only one answer including correct titles... so which one will be first in the TSO movie will remain a secret... for now. Congrats to Mrs. Wiktoria R., winner from project FB page
  12. We are near the 700th views, so... first contest! Just watch the concept arts, guess two song titles and their order in the movie, post under this post or on the FB page, wait till October 11th and win a prize! Easy, right?!
  13. Dear Musers! I gladly announce that I've been accepted by a committee and will take part in the Warsaw Next workshops for starting artists during the 33rd Warsaw Film Festival! Wish me luck in finding a Muse Fan agent Follow me on: Twitt, twitt! #museical #jmgopek #tsomovie!
  14. I enjoy this site and forum too, but I think one, global FB group could be handy. Not only because I'm seeking for help from Muse fans with my project, more details here: Muse Musical Screenplay
  15. I started also a Facebook page for the project, so You can follow the project there! The Symmetry Origins FB Page And there, there, there: J.M. Gopek Twitter Page J.M. Gopek Instagram Page -SaH- Soup
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