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  1. Damn it, that bottle rebounded off my right hand because I only had one hand free . Brilliant gig last night, Bliss was out of this world and Dead Star was . And that explosion during the intro at the end of the walkway? I think I lost my eyebrows from that...
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  3. Mum just came home and said "oh, did you see what i posted on facebook today?" She then carries on to say that the guy who fixed our boiler earlier was Matt Bellamy's exact look a like in every way. She actually hesitated to say hi when he got out his van because she was confused
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  5. No worries i haven't been on here for what seems like aaages either :kiss: I think my mum is beginning to cave in and she might let me have them in the holidays, but it's a nightmare trying to buy blue hairdye, there is none in any of the shops where i live :( So how are you?? :happy:

  6. Hey it's okay! Nice to hear from you again. :happy:

    It's okay at the moment thanks! I've had a lot of ups and downs with it though (won't give you the nasty details :erm::eek:) but it's good thanks! :happy:

    How's you?

  7. Like my dream last night . I think i had just been to their concert, then went backstage with some random people to see Chris . I got his autograph and a picture with him on my phone, and he weirdly like, 'predicted' something that was gonna happen....and it did later in my dream ... But yeah i remember later in my dream running down my house stairs to show everyone the picture of me and Chris and then i woke up thinking it had happened... :'(
  8. Woah, i haven't been on here for a fair while , but anyway... For activities week at school, i just decided to do Band Skills with my mate. So on the second day some people in the year below us were at the piano, and then someone started playing Muse (Exogenesis: Part 3) . I actually stopped playing my bass, stood up, turned round and screamed "THATS MUSE !!" They all stopped and stared at me, so i awkwardly turned back round to my bass with my friend laughing quietly . And I chased someone who lives down my street last week 'cus they said Muse sucked.... they took it back after the long chase across the road and halfway through the field .
  9. i would suggest Aberdeen...but with the concerts they set up now a days Aberdeen is out of the question
  10. Im so sorry for such a late reply :eek:, haven't been on here for god knows how long :supersad:.

    How is your back now? I take it it's all back to normal since we last talked :LOL:?



    How is that protest for highlights coming along :LOL:? And that question was probably about the holidays a few months ago :chuckle: but nah our school goes on holiday in about 2 or 3 weeks :awesome:, how about you?

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