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    Belfast Ulster Hall March 15 2015
    Belfast SSE Arena April 6 2016
  1. Me, too! Another oldie. I am going VIP Experience. See you all there 😁
  2. I love, love, love this song. I know that it is a very simple song, but it's none the worse for that.
  3. Thank you. I am listening, at this very moment! Got as far as Agitated. Brilliant, brilliant concert! We were up in the balcony seats. Loads of room to dance and otherwise act the maggot. Mosh pits are too rough for me.
  4. Hi. I want to change my forum username from grosvenormum to pluginbelfast, to match my name on the main site. Can you please help? Thanks

  5. There are regular buses from the airport to the Europa Bus Centre which is 2/3 streets away from the Ulster Hall. Turn left out of bus centre onto Great Victoria Street, first right (Howard Street, towards the city centre and City Hall), 2 or 3 streets up on right hand side is Bedford Street. That is where the Ulster Hall is. You will probably see the queue from the end of the street. Bus costs £10ish. Good luck!
  6. The .mu says it's your birthday! Happy birthday to ya!

  7. Hysteria is nominated for the greatest bassline. Rush YYZ is destroying all others at the moment, so get voting! http://www.musicradar.com/news/bass/what-is-the-greatest-bassline-of-all-time-505599
  8. Exactly my thoughts! I was able to watch all the songs that I've seen before. Didn't even broadcast CE which we got at LCCC. Not happy
  9. Hi Heidi

    You found me! Thanks, I had a great Christmas- kids home from uni and skiing. Hope that you had a great one too. Did you get my pressie? I hope you liked it :)

    Happy New Year :D

  10. Hey Cindy!? I'm guessing this is you anyway!! lol! Hope you had a great Christmas :)

  11. Hi Liz

    Sorry that it's taken me so long to send this to you. Hopefully it'll go through OK. Hope all is well with you and you've got over the post Wembellamy lurgy. Bye for now. Cindy xx


  12. Hi Kelly

    I sent you a message about Manchester by mistake. Realised my mistake but wasn't able to delete it so apologies, and hope to see you there

    Cindy x

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