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  1. Space Dementia Sunburn Showbiz Butterflies and Hurricanes United States of Eurasia Imagine a Tour with the most named songs in this post... ­čśŹ
  2. Wanda Metropolitano could be the worst stadium in relation with the accoustics. Also depends where you have been in the concert, I was in the floor, close to the stage and the sound was really good and clear but in sector 207 my parents sometimes didn't ear very good what was Matt singing. If you compare this concert with other that has been played in that stadium, for example Bruno Mars, you can see a huge different of sound. I also was scary about how is going to sound Muse in that stadium but at the end I have to say that Muse sound enginneers did a very good work. Next time would be better to play in another stadium looking for sound quality instead of looking for the maximum assitants that can assist to the concerts...
  3. Matt said that the concert was filming for Virtual Reality, or something like that...
  4. 18:15 early entry 18:30 doors opening (general) 19:15 mini masions 20:15 mic cester 21:30 muse Which tickets include the early entry? The premium ones?
  5. Sii! La m├şa en pista estaba m├ís que asegura y luego compr├ę la de unos familiares en el sector 218 porque entre que el Wanda tiene la grada baja con muy poco inclinaci├│n pens├ę que un sector m├ís arriba seria mejor. Todo apunta a que se va a llenar...
  6. True! All the American gigs will have a catwalk while the European gigs won't have it.
  7. They said just two or three things about NY gigs and the streaming finished...
  8. Setlist iHeartRadio Album Release Party 15/11/2018 Supermassive Black Hole Psycho Pressure Time is Running Out Something Human Through Contagion Madness The Dark Side Starlight Uprising Knights of Cydonia
  9. The link is not working. This one is ok https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2015/iheartradio-theater-new-york-ny-4bc81706.html
  10. Omg Dom, don't hit the snare twice in one time... it sounds horrible
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