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  1. 1. OOS... or possibly Hullabaloo? 2. OOS 3. Tough question. New Born - especially after I saw this, everything about this is brilliant (wish it was better quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HaKR-p8L3o 4. OOS, Absolution, Showbiz, Black Holes and Revelations, Simulation Theory, Drones, The 2nd Law, The Resistance
  2. Hypermused

    Thought Contagion

    I don't want to recreate the past either, but I also don't want any more Dig Downs or Resistance album stuff. This is a mature group with the 'old skool' sound that I prefer. They're not singing about the 'hot girl in the club' they're talking about Thought Contagion: How belief spreads through society. That's what I want. So am a happy Muser.
  3. Hypermused

    Thought Contagion

    I think this takes us back to the Absolution days. For Me - Rich Costey and Muse - I could lap this up all day. I can see the Fury link - with some of the bass/drums/guitar solo etc, but I'm glad it's not too strong as Fury isn't one of my top Muse songs. I'd say Hysteria with some Neutron Star Collision-esque drama. Piano adds a nice layer in the pre-chorus. Sci-fi guitar sound at the start. BIG sounding drums. The solo is simple - following the vocal line but we know Matt's more riffs than solos - I would have liked a 'second half' of the solo to take it somewhere a little different - like Hysteria solo. I mentioned when writing about the end of Dig Down that they'd (eventually) discovered the whole "Whooa whooa" crowd-singing sound (Coldplay - Viva LA Vida / Imagine Dragons Radioactive) and here Muse have turned it UP. Pros and cons - it's nice to listen to and goes very well with this song but does that DATE the song? In 10 years time will we be saying 'oh yeah everyone was doing that then'. Songs like Plug in Baby still sound fresh (to me anyway). Not a huge fan of the almost shouty/aggressive vocals in the verses. And that's coming from an Offspring fan:LOL: and think that's the weakest part of the song. I like melody and harmony. I also feel they're slightly conforming for pop world with having the first 'Thought Conathion' half-way through the first verse...! They wouldn't have done that before. Maybe I'm overthinking it now. Overall: For me it's as close as we're going to get to 'old' Muse and I welcome that and it's got me excited again to hear what's next... if it even exists yet. 4/5.
  4. Map of the Problematique... I never really liked it as I felt it didn't really go anywhere... but something has clicked and I like it now. I remember Matt saying that he thought MotP would be the future of Muse and I was like - but this I'm guessing this is how we got eventually got Madness/Dead Inside/Dig Down There was a brief moment while touring when Matt would hold the "riiiight" in "can't get it riiiiiiiiiight" - anyone know when this was? Haven't been able to find it again on YouTube.
  5. I just want to say how great Matt's voice has been sounding. Pushing himself more and more on the albums and some of the videos I'm seeing from the Drones tour - his voice is incredible - especially for how much it goes through in one concert.
  6. I love the big build up to: "Please don't break my ideals And say what's fake was always real. Hope was the one, now I'm gone Take us back again." that vocal It beautifully sums up disappointment that the "good old days" have gone. Timeless.
  7. Intro is Madness on drugs. Vocal is a little Burn the Witch Second chorus is stompy and Queen-esque For me it doesn't have the 'moment' that Madness (I need your love) and Dead Inside (Guitar kicks in) have. They've finally succumbed to doing a 'whoa whoa whoa' singalong near the end. It also reminded me a bit of the BBC snooker theme tune:
  8. Hypermused

    Dig Down

    First reaction: Intro is Madness on drugs. Vocal is a little Burn the Witch Second chorus is stompy and Queen-esque For me it doesn't have the 'moment' that Madness (I need your love) and Dead Inside (Guitar kicks in) have. They've finally succumbed to doing a 'whoa whoa whoa' singalong near the end. It also reminded me a bit of the BBC snooker theme tune: We'll see if it grows...
  9. To save you seconds of Googling here's the link to the BBC Radio 2 listen live: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_two
  10. You could just tell they weren't enjoying it. It's a very mixed crowd so there probably wasn't the vibe they're used to. It was an odd choice anyway, especially in the timing of it - before the album release - and Radio 1 don't really play Muse. Wrong? Nothing massively obvious, Before PiB Matt had to play about with FX and then the riff sounded weak. Vocals on the first few songs sounded quiet. It was just odd. I didn't feel that excited. Download will be much better and I'm looking forward to the next arena tour!
  11. I'm pretty sure it's "shite" - the sound wasn't great and I think they had a few technical probs. Credit to them though, they played on and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.
  12. Something tells me Chris didn't enjoy it... Watch my vine: https://vine.co/v/eqHQiZPg2E5
  13. Finally got to see Muse in a small venue. Finally got to hear Hyper Music live (my 17th gig!) And finally got to meet all three of them and get pictures with them after the show! What a night and one I'll never forget!
  14. Yes, I could do without anything off Resistance and BH&R albums (except KoC) in place of some old skool surprises. I'm sure we'll get Citizen Erased if one of the new ones is "Part 2". And I'll keep my fingers lightly crossed for Hyper Music although I always manage to go to gigs where they don't play it. Muscle Museum and Fillip for the craic too, miss them.
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