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Kaoss on your iPhone


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I was bored last night and thought it would be so cool to have a Kaoss pad on my iPhone so I looked it up and turns out one guy developed an app that's actually based on the Kaossilator.


It's called SynthPad and you've got 5 presets you can adjust to your liking.

Obviously not quite as customizable as the real one but for $2 I thought it was entertaining way to channel a cheap Kaoss pad.


I don't know exactly what I'm doing with it but just playing around with the settings, I got it somewhat to sound like what Matt uses for the Star Spangled Banner intro and the Invincible intro.


here are the settings for the nerds:

Osc. 1 and 2 adjustable sliders

Glide rates and patterns

1', 2', 4', 8' and 16' i'm guessing is the length of the wave


Osc 2 Freq Fine Tune

SEMIS - slider

CENTS - slider

1-2 Sync option



LFO Rate


More waves and you can pick Filter, Pitch or Wave


Volume Envelope Generator



Cutoff ranging from 40Hz to 10,000 Hz

Resonance slider


Filter Envelope Generator


Arpeggio option adjustable by rate slider

up to 5 octaves

Pick from up, down, up/down, random step mode


Delay option

Time slider

Feedback slider

mix slider


Touchpad config:

change the key

change the scale

adjust it so the y-axis adjusts to do nothing, increases LFO rate, LFO amount or filter cutoff


The only nitpick from me is you can't save your settings..

I'll post a video later if I ever get around to it :p

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looks cool...might check it out


there was also a similar app, but i can't remember what it was called


there's another one that lets you actually lets you use multi-touch but it's $10

don't think there's anything similar to the kaoss on that one though

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