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Hoodoo Live Version


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Hello there, I'm covering Hoodoo as part of a school project. I want to cover the live version of the song, and a few issues have popped up. I'm pretty good at the powerful part of the song, but everything else is pretty foggy at the moment.


1) What chords are Matt playing up until the part where the drums kick in during the slow part ("You should never be afraid")?


2) What chords are Matt playing from the point where the drums start up until the part right before the powerful bit (From "You should never be afraid" to "...in your eyes again.")?


I've been messing around with it, but it doesn't sound entirely right.

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The GP file is on my old (and broken HDD). Basically I just took the best GP file from ultimate guitar and transposed the guitar parts at the beginning to piano, and figured out the slower tempo myself. The arpeggios he uses live are the same on the GP file and the outro is the same as the intro.


Hope that helps :)

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