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  1. 5 Stars! Good things about the album Easy to get into until Micro Cuts finishes, great song after great song. Bad things about the album After Micro Cuts, it can just get a bit boring, especially when the dull Screenager/Dark Shines starts playing. Another thing, my iPod seems to always but the last few song in a different order to that on the album! New Born always seems empty to me, needs something else, put have never been able to work out what it needs. Hearing it live is always a treasure to hear & remember. Best track Citizen Erased. Worst track Screenager. Favourite moment The moment I realised Micro Cuts had lyrics? The moment I first heard the end falsetto on Plug in Baby and New Born? That cut from Hyper Music to Plug in Baby that I never got from my torrented version when first getting into Muse? Bliss ARPS! Probably lot's more, too tired to think!
  2. Origin of Symmetry, I'm still curious about it's meaning, or the inspiration behind it.
  3. My verdict? It's good when played live, I especially like the Glastonbury 2010' version, and also the more I dig into trying to produce the effect used in the song, the more I appreciate it.
  4. After a quick search, I don't think it had MIDI out, so recording from the audio jack on the back will be the best solution for you. You could probably get a better keyboard for $44 though.
  5. I have a Fender Sonoran, good cheap electric acoustic.
  6. I talked to Hugh manson, and asked if he could show me the rear, but he said no. Did anyone else go to Mansons on Saturday?
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